Employee Directory

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Last Name
Elizabeth Habel
Ashlynn Hailey
Student Life Advisor
Student Services
Laura Haire
Assistant, Student Services
Student Information Services
Susan Haldane
Development/Events Coordinator
College Advancement
Lisa Hale
Adjunct Instr, Bus Comp Tech
Computer Information Systems
Rachel Hall
Pt Police Officer Ashevill Campus
Campus Security
Jacina Hall
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Jeffrey Hall
Adjunct Instructor,Heating/AC
A/C, Heating, and Refrig
Charles Hall
Adjunct Instructor, Math
Bonnie Hall
Adj Instr, Dev. Math/Eng/Rea
Developmental Math
Christine Halvorson
Adjunct Instr Dental Assisting
Dental Assisting
Wayne Hamilton
Adjunct Instructor Fire Protection Technology
Fire Protection, Allied Health & Public Services
Stephanie Hamilton
David Hamlett
Instructor CAD - 9 mo
Arthur Hamlin
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
James Hammond
Adjunct Instructor, BLET
Rebekah Handy
Administrative Assistant
Arts & Sciences
Joseph Haney
PT Security Officer-Asheville
Campus Security
Douglas Hannah
PT BLET Lab Assistant
Law Enforcement Health & Public Services
Jacob Hansbury
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Heidi Hansen
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Richard Hardison
Adjunct Instructor, Civil Eng
Civil Engineering Technology
Christina Harley
Director and Chair, Culinary Arts
Culinary Technology
Joshua Harmening
Adjunct Instructor, Business Administration
Business Administration
Michael Harney
PT Humanities Teaching Asst
828.254.1921 x5019