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Last Name
Lynne Gabai
Executive Assistant, Economic
Continuing Education Admin
Richard Gabriel
Adjunct Instructor, Developmental Studies Math/Eng/Reading
Developmental Math
Don Gaddy
PT Security Officer-Asheville
Campus Security
Scott Gaddy
Adjunct - CONED - BLET
Fire & Public Safety
Bennie Gaddy
Adjunct Instructor, Fire
Wendy Gade
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Michael Gahagan
Pt Police Officer Ashevill Cam
Campus Police & Security
Joy Garcia
CE Instructor, ESL, Asheville
Basic Skills Programs
Bonnie Gardner
Adjunct Instructor, English
Rebecca Garland
College Liaison for High School Programs
Career Pathways
Melissa Garrett-Hall
Adjunct Instructor, Fine and P
Tony Garrison
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Lewis Garrison
Adjunct Instructor Fire Protection Technology
Fire Protection Health & Public Services
Michael Garrison
PT CE Instructor
Roxanna Geense
CE Instructor, ESL, Asheville
Basic Skills Programs
Joshua Geiger
Adjunct Instructor, Clinical Student Nurse Educator
Beth Gentry
Business Manager, Facilities a
Plant Services & Bldg Maint
Jeanette Gentry
Adjunct Instructor, English
Veronica Gentry
Third Party Adjunct instructor, Biology
Sean Geran
Adjunct Instructor, Physical Education
Health & Physical Education
Elisabeth Geyer
Coordinator, Information Center
Enrollment Management
Stephanie Gibbs
CE, Instructor, Occupational T
Occupational & Public Srv Trng
Richard Gibson
Chair, Air Conditioning, Heati
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Donald Gibson Jr
Adjunct-Aviation Management and Career Pilot Technology
Aviation Mgmt and Career Pilot
William Gilbert
PT Writing Center Assistant
Learning Resource Center