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Last Name
Lynne Gabai
Executive Assistant
Economic & Workforce Development/Continuing Education
Scott Gaddy
Adjunct - CONED - BLET
Fire & Public Safety
Don Gaddy
PT Security Officer - Asheville Campus
Administrative Services
Devonne Gaddy
Advisor, College Entry
Wendy Gade
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs
Michael Gahagan
Police Officer
Police and Security
Stella Galyean
Assistant, Financial Aid
Joy Garcia
ESL Adjunct Instructor
Basic Skills
Barbara Gargiulo
CE Instructor Occupational Training
Rebecca Garland
College Liaison for High School Programs
Student Services
Melissa Garrett-Hall
Adjunct Art Instructor
Art and Sciences
Lewis Garrison
Adjunct Instructor Fire Protection Technology
Fire Protection Health & Public Services
Kesha Gary
Adjunct Instructor, Accounting
Shirley Gebhardt
Substitute Teacher, Early Educ
Weekday Early Education Center
Timothy Geib
Student Life Advisor
Student Services
Beth Gentry
Interim Business Manager, Facilities and Operation
Plant Operations
Edward Gentry
Coordinator, Madison County Career Center
Madison Site - Instructional Services
Jeanette Gentry
Adjunct Instructor, English
Megan Getty-Odom
Chair, Human Services Technology/Social Services
Human Services Technology/Social Services
Elisabeth Geyer
Assistant, Information Center
Information Center
Rebecca Gholson
PT CE Instructor
Learning Resources
Richard Gibson
Chair, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration
Renee Gibson
Cosmetology Instructor
Spa Therapies and Operations
Donald Gibson Jr
Adjunct-Aviation Management and Career Pilot Technology
Aviation Management and Career Pilot Technology
William Gilbert
Adjunct Instructor, English