Employee Directory

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Last Name
Thomas Caddell
Adjunct Instructor
Culinary Arts
Susan Cain
Adjunct Communication Instructor
Janet Caldwell
Instructor, Communication 9 M
Jacqueline Caldwell
Hilda Caldwell
Pt Academic Learn Center Aid
Learning Laboratory
Brinda Caldwell
Director Comm Services Programs
Angela Calhoun
Library Assistant
Library Services
Cynthia Calhoun
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Todd Callaway
ACA Instructor
Daniel Calloway
Adjunct Instr, Bus Comp Tech
Computer Information Systems
Amber Cameron
Adjunct Faculty, Medical Assisting
Medical Assisting
Alicia Cameron
PT CE Instructor
Instructional Services
Patricia Cameron
PT Volunteer Coordinator
College Advancement
Linda Campbell
Adj Instr, Dev. Math/Eng/Rea
Developmental Math
William Campbell
Marilyn Campbell
PT Bookstore Associate
Business Office
Barbara Campbell
Temporary Supervisor ABE/HSE
Basic Skills Programs
Doreen Campbell
Instructor, Cosmetology
Thomas Cannon
Adjunct Dentist
Allied Dental
Ashley Capps
Teaching Assistant, Baking and
Bus & Hospitality Ed Admin
Andrew Capps
Food, Beverage, and Dietary Supplement Education and Training Co
BioNetwork/EWD/Con Ed
Rachel Carlson
Adjunct Instructor
Criminal Justice Technology
Margaret Carmack
Adjunct Instr, Beh/Soc Science
Megan Carpenter
Adjunct Instr Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Technology
Michael Carter
PT CE Instructor
Basic Skills Programs