Industrial Systems Technology Basic Maintenance Certificate

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The Industrial Systems Technology Basic Maintenance program teaches the student concepts and skills needed to service and repair various types of mechanical equipment.

Courses required are listed below.  Students should meet with their advisor to determine the order which classes should be taken that best meets their schedule.  

Courses requiring a grade of "C" or better: BPR, DFT, ELC, HYD, ISC, MNT, and WLD.

Required Courses

BPR 111
2 Credit Hour(s)
DFT 151
3 Credit Hour(s)
ELC 111
3 Credit Hour(s)
HYD 110
3 Credit Hour(s)
ISC 112
2 Credit Hour(s)
MNT 110
2 Credit Hour(s)
WLD 112
2 Credit Hour(s)

Curriculum is based on 2019-20 catalog.

  • 17 Total Credit Hours Required
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