Civil Engineering Technology A.A.S. - Evening Schedule

Associate in Applied Science
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(Begins in even years only)

The Civil Engineering Technology course of study prepares students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills to carry out planning, documenting, and supervising tasks in sustainable land development, public works, and facilities projects.

Coursework includes instruction in the communication and computational skills required for materials testing, structural testing, field and laboratory testing, site analysis, estimating, project management, plan preparation, hydraulics, environmental technology, and surveying.

Graduates should qualify for technician-level jobs with both public and private engineering, construction, and surveying agencies


Courses requiring a grade of "C" or better: CEG, CIV, DFT, EGR, MAT, and SRV

First Semester

CEG 115
3 Credit Hour(s)
EGR 110
2 Credit Hour(s)
MAT 121
3 Credit Hour(s)

Second Semester

CEG 111
4 Credit Hour(s)
MAT 122
3 Credit Hour(s)

Third Semester

ENG 111
3 Credit Hour(s)
SRV 110
4 Credit Hour(s)

Fourth Semester

EGR 125
2 Credit Hour(s)
EGR 250
5 Credit Hour(s)

Fifth Semester

DFT 151
3 Credit Hour(s)
CEG 211
3 Credit Hour(s)

Sixth Semester

ENG 114
3 Credit Hour(s)
SRV 111
4 Credit Hour(s)

Seventh Semester

CEG 210
3 Credit Hour(s)
CIV 111
3 Credit Hour(s)
CIV 215
2 Credit Hour(s)

Eighth Semester

CIV 125
5 Credit Hour(s)
CIV 220
2 Credit Hour(s)

Ninth Semester

Tenth Semester

ACA 115 may be substituted for EGR 110

MAT 171 may be substituted for MAT 121

MAT 172 may be substituted for MAT 122

COM 110, COM 120 or COM 231 may be substituted for ENG 114


Curriculum is based on 2018-19 catalog.

  • 71 Total Credit Hours Required