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AHR Students Demonstrating Air Condition Equipment

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Technology Intermediate Certificate

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The Intermediate Air Conditioning and Heating certificate program teaches students concepts and skills needed to service and repair domestic and light commercial heat pumps, light commercial air conditioning, and heating units.

The Basic Air Conditioning and Heating certificate program must be completed before beginning this program.


This certificate is replaced in 2020-21 with the Heating Certificate.

Courses requiring a grade of "C" or better: AHR

Required Courses

AHR 172
1 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 211
3 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 213
2 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 113
4 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 114
4 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 130
3 Credit Hour(s)
AHR 171
1 Credit Hour(s)

AHR 212 may be substituted for AHR 211

WBL 111 may be substituted for AHR 172.


Curriculum is based on the 2019-20 catalog.

  • 18 Total Credit Hours Required
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