Therapeutic Massage Diploma

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The Therapeutic Massage curriculum prepares graduates to work in direct client care settings to provide manipulation, methodical pressure, friction and kneading of the body for maintaining wellness or treating alterations in wellness throughout the lifespan.

Courses will include content in normal human anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage, ethical/legal issues, business practices, nutrition and psychology.

Employment opportunities include hospitals/rehabilitation centers, health departments, home health, medical offices, nursing homes, spas/health/sports clubs, and private practice. Graduates may be eligible to take the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam or the National Certification for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

The Mountain Tech Spa, an on-campus spa facility, provides practical experience for Therapeutic Massage students under the direction of College faculty.


Specific Program Requirements:

  1. General college admission requirements.
  2. Current CPR certification is required by the end of the first semester of study and must be maintained throughout the program.
  3. Completion of the Student Medical Form documenting immunization history, medical history, and assessment of the applicant’s physical and emotional ability to participate in the activities in a clinical setting.
  4. Completion of required Hepatitis B vaccine. First dose to be completed by the first day of class. Second Hepatitis B vaccine to be completed at least one month after the first dose. Third dose must be completed six months after the first dose.
  5. Clinical facilities may require a criminal background check and/or drug testing prior to participation in the clinical/co-op component. In addition, national and/or state licensure boards may prohibit eligibility for licensure based on criminal records. Licensure is required to practice as a massage therapist in North Carolina. Please refer to the North Carolina Massage and Bodywork Therapy Practice Act, ARTICLE 36 of CHAPTER 90 of the NORTH CAROLINA GENERAL STATUTES (90-629.1)
  6. Interview with Department Chair of Spa Therapies and Operations.


Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: ACA, BIO, CIS, MTH and PSY


Gainful Employment

First Semester

ACA 115
1 Credit Hour(s)
BIO 168
4 Credit Hour(s)
MTH 110
10 Credit Hour(s)
MTH 125
2 Credit Hour(s)

Second Semester

BIO 169
4 Credit Hour(s)
MTH 120
10 Credit Hour(s)
MTH 121
1 Credit Hour(s)
MTH 130
2 Credit Hour(s)

Third Semester

CIS 113
1 Credit Hour(s)
ENG 111
3 Credit Hour(s)
PSY 150
3 Credit Hour(s)

ENG 110 may be substituted for ENG 111

Curriculum is based on the 2016-17 catalog.


  • 42 Total Credit Hours Required