Central Sterile Processing Certificate

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The Central Sterile Processing curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for the field of Sterile Processing and Central Service Supply.

Students will develop skills necessary to properly disinfect, prepare,process, store, and issue both sterile and nonsterile supplies, instrumentation,and equipment for patient care. Additionally,students will learn to operate sterilizing units and monitor effectiveness of the sterilization process.

Graduates will be eligible to take the Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution, Inc. “Sterile Processing and Distribution (SPD)Technician Exam”, earning the title of Central Sterile Processing and Distribution Technician (CSPDT). Employment opportunities include surgery centers, central sterile processing departments in hospitals, and traveling consultation services.

Specific Requirements

  1. General college admission requirements
  2. Acceptable reports of medical examinations by first day of class.
  3. Satisfactory completion of required immunizations
  4. Criminal background checks and drug screens are required prior to admission to clinical sites


Courses requiring a grade of “C” or better: STP

First Semester

STP 101
8 Credit Hour(s)

Second Semester

STP 102
3 Credit Hour(s)
STP 103
1 Credit Hour(s)

Curriculum is based on the 2017-18 catalog.

  • 12 Total Credit Hours Required