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Create a Scholarship

Sponsors may establish a named or annual scholarship at A-B Tech with a minimum contribution of $1,000 or an endowed scholarship fund with a minimum donation of $25,000. The gift of $25,000 establishing the endowment is payable over five years.

Scholarship sponsors, in collaboration with the Foundation staff, give input on all of the criteria for the scholarship. The sponsor also chooses the name of the scholarship. Generally, donors may expect that a scholarship award will made the following academic year after the gift is received.

Sponsors are invited to the annual Foundation Scholarship Luncheon to meet the recipients of their scholarship. Donors are also recognized in the College’s Annual Report. For more information, please contact the Foundation at 828-398-7177 or by email at

Scholarship awards have an excellent "return on investment!" Recipients receive your support and encouragement; they succeed and become strong members of our community! Thank you!