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Select an Academic Program

How to Select a Program

Before selecting a major/program of study, students must first apply to A-B Tech and complete any necessary placement requirements for the program. Students may select a program online in WebAdvisor.

If you're unable to select a program online in WebAdvisor, you may also select your program by meeting with a College Entry Advisor in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Building on the Asheville Campus. Advisors meet with students on a walk-in basis, or appointments can be scheduled by emailing

Deciding Which Program to Select

A-B Tech has many academic programs to choose from! The following resources are also available to help students decide which program to select:

  • Career Coach is a free online tool that provides information about current local job data, employment numbers, related careers, job postings, etc.
  • Career Counseling is offered at no charge to current curriculum students and new students who have completed the enrollment process, are at least 18 years old, and plan to enroll in the upcoming semester.

When to Add/Change a Program

When a student can add/change a program depends on whether the student is currently "Unclassified" or "Classified":

  • "Unclassified students" (students not in a program of study) may be placed into a program at any time, either before or after a term has begun, as long as the necessary enrollment/placement requirements have been met.
  • "Classified students" (students currently enrolled in a program of study) can only be placed into a new program for the next term. Classified students cannot change or add a program for a current term that has already begun.

Financial Aid Students

Changing programs or adding additional programs may have a negative impact on financial aid eligibility. Before changing or adding a program, please contact a Financial Aid Representative, either by visiting the Financial Aid Office in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center or by emailing