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About WebAdvisor

Online services such as grades, class schedules, and online payments.

WebAdvisor is a web service to access your College information.

What's Available for Students

  • View Grades
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Placement test scores
  • Account information
  • Pay for curriculum classes
  • Register and pay for continuing education classes
  • Search for sections
  • See your class schedule

How to Access WebAdvisor

  1. Web Advisor accounts are automatically created. Read about account creation.
  2. Know your User ID – first name, middle initial, last name (all lowercase) Example: James Michael Jones would be... jamesmjones
    User ID Information
  3. Know your initial Password – your birthdate as MMDDYY
    Password Information
  4. Know about your student email account - Mandatory for payment confirmations and changing your password
    Student Email Information
  5. Visit the WebAdvisor Main Menu and log in.


WebAdvisor Automatic Account Creation

WebAdvisor and Student Email account creation

Accounts are created on differing schedules depending on if you are a curriculum student taking courses for college credit, a continuing education student, or a faculty member.

Curriculum Students

If you are a curriculum student, your WebAdvisor and Student Email accounts are created around one day after completing the initial online application to A-B Tech

Continuing Education Students

If you are a continuing education student, your WebAdvisor account is created the working day following your submission of an online application. You will receive an email with your login information.

Faculty Members

If you are a new faculty member, your WebAdvisor account is created after your records in the A-B Tech administrative computer system are complete.