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Login to WebAdvisor

Read these instructions before visiting on the WebAdvisor main menu.

Your student online account and email are created within 24 hours after you register for classes. Your account will be available during your entire enrollment at A-B Tech.

Steps to log in:

  1. Visit the WebAdvisor main menu and click log in.
  2. Enter your user ID and password.
    • Your user ID is your first name followed by your middle initial followed by your last name. Difficulties logging in? Troubleshooting your user id.
    • Your initial password is your birthdate in MMDDYY format.(the password hint does not work until you set it later) About passwords.
  3. Click Submit
  4. To change your password (after your initial log in)
    1. Re-enter your user ID
    2. Enter your password that you just used.
    3. Enter a new password. It must be between 6 and 9 characters long and have at least one number. It must not be the same as your previous password.
    4. Enter the new password again to confirm it.
    5. Enter a password hint. This is optional but may be useful in the future.
    6. Click Submit

Visit the WebAdvisor main menu.

Now, when you log in to WebAdvisor, confirm your log in by viewing your name in the welcome message in the upper right corner.