Client Profiles


AugusTara was formed with the objective of becoming a pioneer and leader in a new segment of the rapidly growing alternative health and wellness industry, and raising the public awareness of the profound impact that Sound and Light can have on healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of the human system.

The Augustara business model revolves around a solid state high tech sound and light platform technology called Pyradym™ that is positioned to be sold primarily to multiple segments of the professional alternative medicine and wellness market. The business model is further enhanced by the sale of the Pyradym™ sound sample CD's titled "The 7 Minute Tone Up".

Augustara's Pyradym™ product advantageously offers a portable, user-controlled, integrated sound, physioacoustic, and colored light therapy system in a highly attractive enclosure. Pyradym™ fits a product niche that no other entities in the sound and light therapy product market address.

CEO August Worley is a degreed Electrical Engineer with an associated minor in Performance and Music Composition Studies. He began his professional electronics career working for Moog Music in Buffalo, New York in 1980. Through his career, August has also designed commercial audio products for several internationally known companies such as B&K Components and Polyfusion, Inc.

In 1997 he was selected to tour with the reformed Emerson, Lake and Palmer as a keyboard technician, and to custom design a digitally sequenced pyrotechnics controller for Keith Emerson’s always outrageous stage shows.

In 2002 August moved to Asheville, North Carolina to work with the late legendary synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog, in developing his last keyboard, the MiniMoog Voyager synthesizer.

Also a Tone Therapist, Reiki Master, intuitive channel, and a gifted musician, August has recently formed his company AUGUSTARA to combine his engineering skills and profound insights to bring forth holistic therapy products such as PYRADYM.

3rd i Designs

3rd i Designs is committed to helping organizations better understand their strategic positioning, identify underlying issues/opportunities, and fuel growth through focused strategies. We accomplish this using innovative online software applications designed to leverage the collective wisdom of an organization's stakeholders.

The founder of 3rd i Designs, Jon Poland, is a serial entrepreneur. Jon received a business degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He spent over 5 years at Dell Computer Corporation ascending through various marketing-related roles before starting his first business in 1998. Made-To-Order Bikes was a that offered custom-configured bicycles boasting a huge selection of components divided into categories and having a built-in configurator that insured compatibility. Jon then co-founded ZStaff Software in 2000 which offers database solutions for the staffing industry. Despite launching the business just prior to a recession, 9/11 and a jobless recovery (all of which devastated the staffing industry), ZStaff remains a going concern today. Jon’s business partner bought out his share of the company in 2003. Jon then founded 3rd i Designs to focus his efforts on developing planning software. To strengthen his entrepreneurial skills, Jon is completing a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University.

SafeHome Filters

SafeHome Filters offers safe, easy and effective air pollution removal for a healthier home. Using industrial technology, our products comprehensively address poor indoor air quality by trapping hazardous chemicals, allergens and odors. SafeHome Filters effectively address a wide spectrum of hazardous gases such as formaldehyde, ozone and volatile organic compounds that come from furniture, fabric coatings, cleaning agents, outdoor pollution and other sources. The U.S. EPA found that many of these hazardous gases are more concentrated in household air than in outdoor pollution, and now lists poor indoor air quality one of America’s top five public health threats.

Sam McLamb and his wife Liz are the founders of Asheville based SafeHome Filters™. Sam’s experience includes technology start-up companies, fundraising for non-profits, and leading marketing for a $550 million group at a Fortune 500 retailer. Across his experiences lies a common passion for building customer value and growing businesses. Sam has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and B.S. in biology from the University of the South at Sewanee.

Vortant Technologies

Philip Schaefer, the company founder and owner, is the President and Chief Scientist of Vortant Technologies, LLC. Prior to founding the company, his background included a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, seven years in aerospace R&D and eight years in product R&D and design in the automotive safety industry.  Mr. Schaefer is responsible for the business and technical development of the company.  He has been awarded four patents.

Vortant Technologies develops, markets, licenses and supports innovative computer devices for people with disabilities. Our customers use our products to minimize their disabilities and to more fully take advantage of the benefits of technology available in our society.

Advanced Composting Technologies

Advanced Composting Technologies designs, engineers, and builds forced aeration composting systems using our patented floor design. Our customers are mainly in the animal agriculture field and use our system as a cost effective and environmentally friendly method to handle their mortality. We currently have systems on hog, turkey, and chicken farms and will soon be constructing a system to handle process waste at a local Trout Farm in Canton.

Groupe de Tete

Groupe de Tete is the bicycling industry’s equivalent to Orange County Choppers: We ‘pimp’ people’s bikes. With the increasing level of affluence of the cycling population, the increased visibility of the sport, and the growth of the luxury marketplace, Groupe de Tete focuses on extremely-high-end bicycle buyers and provides them with a range of products that offer three key benefits: performance, aesthetics, and customization.

Groupe de Tete has four divisions. Temple Cycles makes custom bicycle frames from titanium, carbon fiber and exotic steels ranging from  $2,000 to $10,000; Simmons Cycling is a collaboration with Simmons Racing to assist the speed-skate maker with the design, marketing and distribution of a line of custom cycling shoes; GdT Components provides exceptionally-high-performance parts for bicycles that are designed by Groupe de Tete and fabricated with various partners; and Groupe de Tete Bespoke Project Bicycles offers the most extensive array of after-market customization available in the bicycle industry.

1x1 Media

1 x 1 Media provides inventory-free CD/DVD production and fulfillment, innovative digital music download cards, and automated solutions for digital music delivery to online music stores such as iTunes. Target customer segments include music labels, independent musicians, audio book publishers, and video publishers. Web-based retailers enable these content owners to sell even the slowest moving titles, yet this causes excess inventory build-up for slow moving titles. The economics of large-scale CD and DVD manufacturing prevent content owners from achieving a zero inventory distribution system. 1x1 Media’s services fill this void, offering content owners and musicians a cost-effective way to fill orders as small as one piece and then ship the order directly to the end consumer. These short-run and direct-to-consumer models allow content owners to exploit their entire product catalogs, increasing title availability, eliminating costly inventory, and ultimately enhancing end-consumer satisfaction. Leveraging our on-demand CD services, our Digital Music services will provide thousands of music labels and independent musicians a way to participate in the growing digital music revolution.