Candidate Qualifications

To become a Technology Commercialization Program client, the candidate must be one of the following:

  • A current resident or applicant of the A-B Tech Incubator.
  • Have current facilities and operations based in Buncombe County (non-Incubator companies must be approved by the Technology Commercialization Center Advisory Board).
  • A company formed from an association with A-B Tech or leveraging A-B Tech resources for some of the critical operational aspects of the company such as student or faculty internships, joint product development, use of Incubator lab facilities, etc.
  • A company which is being evaluated for or has already accepted an investment from the IMAI: Inception Micro Angel Fund, if approved by the Technology Commercialization Program Advisory Board.

In addition the client must:

  • Complete the Technology Commercialization Program application and initial interviews with the Technology Commercialization Program team and obtain approval for entry into the Technology Commercialization Program.
  • Provide periodic data on critical factors such as jobs, payroll data, capital infusions, company revenues, partnerships, etc. in a confidential manner that is reported as an aggregate number.