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Phlebotomy FAQs

ABTCC Phlebotomy Certificate Program FAQ

 (Version 3-19-15 Updated Admission Process)


How do I apply for the program?

Applicants must complete the A-B Tech application for admission. The Admissions Overview and Application are located at  www.abtech.edu/apply

What must I do to qualify for admission?

Applicants must be high school, GED or Adult High School graduates.  An official copy of the high school transcript or GED must be submitted to the program instructor during the program advising session.

Review the Phlebotomy Information PowerPoint, print out and complete the assessment prior to meeting with an advisor to document eligibility.

Complete college placement and New Student Orientation/SmarterMeasure prior to acceptance into program.

Once applicants are accepted into the program, they will attend an advising session for detailed instructions on program admission tasks required before the course starts.

How do I register for PBT 100 and PBT 101?

Applications for spring and fall semesters will be accepted in the K. Ray Bailey Student Services Center on a first come, first served basis, on or after the first school day in April for the summer/fall semesters and the first school day in September for the spring semester. A maximum of 17 seats are available Fall/Spring semesters on the main campus and an alternate list will be maintained for each semester once the first 17 seats have been filled. The Goodwill site will have 10 seats with a wait list for summer semester. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to the date they complete a Placement Information (PI) form with an advisor. Waiting lists are not carried over to the next class and you must reapply each semester during the admissions process.

The Office of Admissions coordinates this process and you can call them at Bailey Student Service Center 828-398-7900 for more details. After you obtain a seat you will be given an acceptance letter with more detailed information. The acceptance letter will also list 2 advising session options (choose one) where you will get registration instructions by the Phlebotomy faculty advisors.

What are the corequisite courses?

PSY 150 General Psychology OR PSY 118 Interpersonal Psychology credit is required in the PBT program. If you plan to pursue a 2 year or 4 year degree later we recommend PSY 150 for transfer credit. This can be taken before or at the same time as the PBT courses. Grade of C or higher is required. If you took it at another school then request an official transcript be sent to the registrar’s office.

What are the program costs and what about financial aid?

It costs approximately $1,500-$1,700 for tuition, books, uniforms, CPR class, medical exam, immunizations, etc. Costs may vary depending on if you need the PSY class and/or extra immunizations. Due to the credit hour total, the phlebotomy certificate is not eligible for financial aid.  Tuition cost can be divided into 3 payments over the time frame of the semester.

*The college refund policy applies if a student drops the program after being denied clinical site privileges.

What are the PBT class, lab and clinic schedules?

Lecture is held 2 days per week and lab is 1 day per week. Clinical rotations are 2 days per week.

PBT Program Course Requirements

Course                                        Title                             12 Credit Hours Total

PBT 100                       Phlebotomy Technology                    6

PBT 101                       Phlebotomy Practicum                      3

PSY 118                       Interpersonal Psychology                 3


PSY 150                       General Psychology                           3