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Computer Training

From basic courses to professional certifications, A-B Tech provides vital and comprehensive instruction in all areas of emerging technology and computer systems.

A decade of solid growth has made this perhaps today's most rapidly changing field. In fact, it grows so quickly that A-B Tech's portfolio of Software, Hardware, and Digital Media courses undergoes turnover constantly. The very speed with which this field moves is strong motivation for computer professionals to stay abreast of the changes with continuing education.

With hundreds of offerings each year, A-B Tech works to meet the needs of those in the marketplace who want to learn emerging technologies, gain the professional certifications that allow them to advance in their professions, or enter a field that promises continued growth. For Administrative, Technical, Customer Service and Professional workers alike, computer skills are a constant. A-B Tech’s programs provide training in a variety of disciplines that are not met in typical graduate or undergraduate programs, to help NC's workforce grow and learn.

From basic courses to intensive professional programs, A-B Tech provides critical and thorough instruction in areas of Software, Hardware, and Peripherals. Designed for both beginning students and professionals seeking to update their skills, our courses and programs cover such timely subjects as administrative and financial software, programming languages, relational database technology and database programming, software-specific training programs, operating systems, and beyond. Courses are offered in instructor-led, online, and hybrid formats.

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