AB Tech Health Occupations

Tuition and Supply Costs

The following costs are approximate and may change without notice:

Tuition and Books

  • Tuition: $175.00
  • Insurance: $1.40
  • Books: $85.00
  • Student Handbook: $14.00
  • CPR Card: $3.00
  • Technology Fee: $5.00
  • Supply Fee: $25.00

Total: $307.65

Registry Exam Fee

  • NACES Registry Exam: $101.00

    Exam fee is payable by money order only to NACES Plus Foundation, Inc.

Uniform Costs

  • Ceil Blue Scrub Top: Approx. $20.00

    Scrub tops are available for purchase at Read's uniforms or other uniform outlets throughout the city. You will not need to purchase a scrub top until your clinical hours begin.

  • White Uniform Pants: Amount Varies

    The uniform which includes a pair of white, non-jean pants and a pair of predominantly white Tennis shoes or uniform shoes will be worn with the Ceil Blue Scrub top. You will not need to wear the uniform until your clinical hours begin.