Program Overview

Nurse Aide Registration occurs daily from 8:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday in the Ferguson Center for Allied Health and Workforce Development, Room 308.1

May Nurse Aide I Class


Orientation: 5/10-5/19 

Class 5/24-9/10

T/Th evenings, 6-9pm

Saturdays, 7am-3:30pm

Asheville Campus, AHWD

June Nurse Aide I Class


Orientation: 6/14-6/17

Class: 6/21-8/11

T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Goodwill Workforce Center

July Nurse Aide I Classes


Orientation: 6/28-6/30

Class: 7/5-8/18

T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Asheville Campus, AHWD

Orientation: 7/20-7/22

Class: 7/27-9/15

W-F, 8am-3:30pm Asheville Campus, AHWD
NUR-3240-323HC Class: 7/12-8/31 T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Madison Campus

August Nurse Aide I Classes


Orientation: 8/23-8/25

Class: 8/30-10/19

T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Goodwill Workforce Center

Orientation: 8/23-8/25

Class: 8/30-10/19

T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Asheville Campus, AHWD

Orientation: 8/15-8/24

Class: 8/29-1/28/17

M,W evenings, 5:30-8:30pm

Saturdays, 7am-3:30pm

Asheville Campus, AHWD

September Nurse Aide I Classes


Orientation: 9/21-9/23

Class: 9/28-11/17

W-F, 8am-3:30pm Asheville Campus, AHWD

Class: 9/13-11/2

T-Th, 8am-3:30pm Madison Campus

Orientation: 9/6-9/15

Class: 9/20-1/28-17

T,Th evenings, 6-9pm

Saturdays, 7am-3:30pm

Asheville Campus, AHWD

If you have any questions please call 828-398-7878 


Course Description

Short-term training that prepares individuals to work as caregivers in a health care setting such as a nursing home, hospital or home health care.

Students will attend a mandatory orientation for 15 hours prior to beginning the Nursing Assistant class, this occurs the week prior to class start date.

  • 160 Hours of instruction - 96 classroom hours and 64 clinical hours
  • Taught by a Registered Nurse
  • Approved by the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation


Students must register in person for NA I classes.

  1. Bring with you the negative results of a tuberculosis (TB) skin test. The TB skin test may take anywhere from 48 - 72 hours for the results to be read. This test is available at a doctor’s office, urgent care or a County Health Department. Each will charge a fee for this test. TB results are good for one year only.
  2. Make sure you have a non-expired, government issued picture ID, such as a U.S. driver’s license or a U.S. passport, which must be presented at registration.
  3. Tuition: $211.40 (includes: Tuition, Supply Fee, Technology Fee and Insurance)- Payment Options:
    • Students should bring in exact amount if paying with cash of $211.40
    • Write a check to A-B Tech for $211.40
    • Bring a written authorization for payment from your organizational sponsor or the employer who will pay for your class
    • Students may also pay with American Express, Master Card or VISA
  4. Due to the demand of the Nurse Assistant classes, minors (those between 16-18 years of age), will be admitted to class per college policy. Exceptions may be made for minors with a High School Diploma or GED at the time of class. For further information please contact 828-398-7332.
  5. Students will need to provide a High School Diploma/GED or transcripts stating that they have graduated from High School.  A completed Bachelor's or Master's Degree will also be acceptable. If unable to provide any of the mentioned documents a free reading test will be required. Reading tests are completed in the Hemlock Building on the Asheville Campus, students must score at the 9th grade level or better to be able to register for Nurse Aide classes. Please call the Nurse Aide office for directions, on how to schedule a reading test-828-398-7878.
  6. Finally, bring all the requested items listed above in person only.

Please call the Nurse Aide information line, 828-398-7600, for dates of upcoming registrations.  No fax or online registration is available for NA I classes.

 ~~~~~Important Information~~~~~

  • In order to take the Nurse Aide State Exam, you will need to have a United States Social Security Card issued by the Social Security Administration. This must be the actual card, not a photocopy. If you do not have your original card, you can apply for a duplicate at the Social Security Administration Office which is located off Chunns Cove Road in the Center Park Office Complex on Piney Mountain Road. The name on your picture ID and the social security card must match.  More information on taking the North Carolina Nurse Aide Exam can be found at:


***All classes are on a first come, first serve basis.

***Attendance for all days of orientation is required.

***Attendance for all class days is mandatory, so please check your schedule to make sure you can attend classes as scheduled.

***Class dates are subject to change so please call the NA Office at 828-398-7878 to confirm class availability.


Class Schedule Options:

Day Classes (8 Weeks)

Tuesday - Thursday or Wednesday - Friday
Classroom hours: 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM
Clinical hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Evening Classes (4.5 Months)

Two evenings per week - (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesdays and Thursday)
Classroom hours: typically 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM, or 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM or 6:00 PM -9:00 PM
Clinical hours: 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM - (7 Saturdays)


For Information about Financial Assistance and Continuing Education Scholarships click this HERE.

If you have any questions regarding these registration procedures, please call 828-398-7878 (Asheville Campus classes) or 828-398-7700 (Sherri Davis for Madison County classes).