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Training Opportunities

Train for the Job You Want

Dislocated Workers & Customers completing Core & Intensive Services may be eligible for sponsorship in the following programs:



Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate Program - (BLET) (3 months)

CAD Certificate – 4-curriculum classes/1yr.

Computer Skills/Basic – CE classes (Requires use of tutorials as prerequisite)(ABTCC/BRCC)

Customer Service Certificate – 4-curriculum classes/1 or 2 semesters (ABTCC)

Health Unit Coordinator – Certificate (BRCC)

NC Manufacturing Certification Program (ABTCC/BRCC)

Nursing Assistant I & II – CE class (ABTCC/BRCC)

Truck Driver Training – (ABTCC Madison/Caldwell CC)


JOBS NOW- Completion in 6 months or less


Advanced Customer Service                                     160 hours

Foundations of Culinary                                            246 hours

Fundamentals of Automated Machining                      333 hours

Principles of Business Operations for Entrepreneurs    104 hours


Advanced Manufacturing                                          58 hours

Customer Service                                                    64 hours

Healthcare Billing & Coding                                      212 hours

HVAC Maintenance                                                   416 hours

Machining                                                               388 hours

Nursing Assistant I                                                    176 hours

Solar Panel Design & Installation                                144 hours


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