ABE Foundations Employees

Classes in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Foundations

ABE Foundations is an academic track for adults with intellectual disabilities. Emphasis is placed on helping each student become as independent as possible, primarily by improving academic, vocational, social, survival, and independent-living skills.  The program features lessons in community living, consumer education, health, language, mathematics, social science, and vocational education.

A-B Tech, in partnership with The Arc of NC and Mission Health, offers eligible individuals a year-long internship program called Project SEARCH. This evidence-based training program involves three internship experiences and daily instruction designed to maximize employment potential for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

For additional information, contact Jan Johnston at (828) 398-7323 or janicemjohnston@abtech.edu or call the Department of Transitional Studies main number at 828.398.7433.