General Information

Cooperative-innovative high schools are small schools that have partnered with A-B Tech to provide local students with a comprehensive and accessible education. Two of the cooperative-innovative schools are Buncombe County Schools institutions, and one is a Madison County Schools institution.

Early colleges are rigorous programs in which students can earn a high school diploma and associate degree simultaneously. Early college students start in the ninth grade, and can complete the program in five years. A-B Tech has two partner early colleges:

  • Buncombe County Early College, which is located on the main campus of A-B Tech in Asheville
  • Madison Early College High School, which is located in Mars Hill

Buncombe County Middle College (BCMC) is also a cooperative-innovative high school. Located on the main A-B Tech campus in Asheville, it provides juniors and seniors with a non-traditional setting for completing a high school diploma and earning college credits.

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