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Notetaker Services

Notetakers are provided for classes when appropriate for a particular disability. This determination is made by the Disability Services Coordinator based on documentation presented by the student. Students are encouraged to priority register so notetaker services can be arranged in a timely manner. Students have the option of soliciting their own notetaker or having the Disability Services Office procure one. Potential notetakers should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to apply for a position.

Notetakers are expected to attend all classes unless there is an illness or emergency. They are asked to arrange for substitutes in their absence. Notes are provided for students only when the student is present in class. Exceptions are made in the event of disability-related absences. Notetakers must submit their time sheets according to the schedule in the student calendar if they expect to receive their paycheck on the last day of each month. The time sheets should be submitted to the Disability Services Technician, (828) 398-7581.