Process to Receive Accommodations

Process to Receive Accommodations

  1. Complete the A-B Tech enrollment checklist. Placement test accommodations are provided upon request.
  2. Students may be referred to Support Services by high school counselors/officials, community agencies, parents, Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College faculty or staff, or they may self-refer.
  3. If a student chooses to receive accommodations from Support Services, they are asked to:
    1. Fill out a Request for Accommodations Form  (Electronic version, complete in Word and email to
    2. Provide documentation of their disability, i.e. a psycho-educational evaluation, diagnostic records from service providers such as Services for the Blind, Vocational Rehabilitation, School for the Deaf, or appropriate records from your physician. The disclosure of this information is voluntary and is not used for admission purposes.
  4. The accommodations are based on the specific needs of the individual.
  5. Once a Request for Accommodations form and documentation are received, the student and the Support Services Advisor will meet to determine necessary accommodations.
  6. The Support Services staff prepares a letter of accommodation for each class in which the student is enrolled.
  7. Student must pick up their letter of accommodation from Student Services Center in the K. Ray Bailey building and deliver to their instructors, except for online classes which will be emailed to instructors.
  8. The Support Services staff are available for faculty consultation and meetings with students and faculty upon request.

Accessible Parking

All lots on campus have designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities. Individuals must display the State of North Carolina "handicapped" placard to park in these spaces. If students or employees need temporary permission to use a handicapped designated space (i.e. while in process of applying or for short-term situations like a broken leg), please click on the link below.

Application for Temporary Handicapped Placard

Please refer all other parking questions to A-B Tech Police at (828) 279-3166.

Confidentiality Statement

In accordance with the law and with sound ethical counseling practice, specific information regarding a student's particular disability will not be shared with a third party without the student's express permission to do so unless requested by the College attorney or if required by law. By signing the Request for Accommodation form, the student is giving permission to disclose information regarding need for accommodations, but not about their specific disability. It is the student's right not to disclose specific information regarding their disability to instructors. If a student would like Support Services staff to disclose any educational information, please complete the college's Release of Information form.