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Procedures for Obtaining Textbooks on Tape/Alternate Format

  1. Please contact the Disability Services Office quickly to assure your obtaining taped texts/e-versions of the texts. 
  2. Purchase your textbooks and fill out the Request for Alternate Formatted Textbooks form with the following information to the Disability Services Office:
    1. Receipt of these purchases
    2. Name of course you are taking (i.e., BIO 111)
    3. Title of text
    4. Author of text
    5. Edition
    6. Date published
    7. Publisher’s name
    8. ISBN #
  3. We will order your books from Learning Ally (Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic) or Bookshare.
  4. If Learning Ally/Bookshare does not have taped or CD versions of your text, we will plan to order a digital/electronic version of the text.  Use of this format will require a screen reader that is used through a computer.  The college has screen readers on campus.  If you would like to use this at your home, software is available for purchase.
  5. If there is no digital book available, the college may need to tape record or scan the text.  Please allow the DS Office at least three weeks from the date that you give this information to us, in order that we may prepare for this.
  6. At that point, taped texts/alternate formatted texts may be picked up and dropped off at the Bailey Building Service Desk.  The publisher requires your signature on an End Use Agreement to obtain these texts.  We have this form for you to sign.
  7. It is best to set up an appointment to meet with the Disability Services Staff in the middle of the semester for books for the next semester.  That way, you can plan for the classes for the following semester.