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Procedures for Disability Services Assistants

  1. Employees are expected to attend all classes unless there is an illness or emergency.  They are asked to arrange for substitutes in their absence.  Services (i.e., notes) are provided for students only when the student is present in class.  
  2. Disability Services employees should exchange contact information with the student whom they are working for at the beginning of each semester. Disability employees should have the instructor's email and/or office phone number from the syllabus if needed.
  3. For a day or evening class, disability services' employees (interpreters, notetakers, readers, etc.) will wait 15 minutes for students and then leave the class.
  4. A disability services employee (interpreter, notetaker, etc.) may be withdrawn if students miss two consecutive classes or three classes over the semester without prior notification to the Disability Services Office.
  5. When there is inclement weather, disability services employees should call the AB Tech switchboard to determine if classes will be held.  Note the Inclement Weather Schedule for delayed opening class times.
  6. Disability services employees are not to claim time on their time sheets, if they are not present in class.
  7. If Disability Services employees are going to be late, absent, etc, always contact the student whom you are working for to notify them of your delay or absence.