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CAD Technology Overview

The Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Technology curriculum will prepare individuals for careers as CAD technicians in a wide variety of applications, primarily those related to architecture and construction. Emphasis is placed on developing the student’s ability to interface with computer hardware and software in a CAD office.

Students will use CAD work stations to create and manage 2D drawings and 3D models for a wide variety of fields. Students will also link CAD documents to other applications such as a database, GIS maps, spreadsheets, and word processing. Course work includes the study of drafting, computer hardware and operating systems, 2D and 3D computer models, solid modeling, rendering, and engineering systems for construction and architecture.

Graduates of this program will qualify for CAD jobs in a wide variety of fields that use computer-aided drafting technology. Job titles include CAD technician, CAD manager, CAD drafter/designer and detail drafter.






Contact Information:

Sherian Howard, CAD Department Chair


Carlos Ford, CAD Instructor