College Readiness Center Interviews

College Readiness Center Interviews


A-B Tech’s College Readiness Center can save you TIME and MONEY toward your college degree!

  • Do you need extra preparation for college?
  • Are you ready to take that first step toward a successful college experience?
  • Do you want to improve your knowledge in math, writing, or reading?
  • Do you want to spend less time and money while completing a college degree?

A-B Tech College Readiness Centers (CRCs) are located at Asheville High School and T.C. Roberson High School. These centers will provide students with the opportunity to improve their math and English skills free of charge prior to attending college. In addition, students who participate will earn an elective high school credit.  Click here to see what the students and facilitators are saying.

Each CRC will be a classroom that is used to offer high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to improve their academics prior to enrolling in college, and thus decrease students’ chances of having to take developmental courses upon being admitted to college. Developmental classes can be expensive, and they do not give students credit toward a degree. Therefore, taking developmental coursework can be costly and time-consuming.

Each participating student will begin the class by going through an assessment of basic skills knowledge. Once the assessment is complete, the student will be placed on a self-paced computerized instructional model that allows the student to advance to higher knowledge levels in each subject area. An Academic Resource Center facilitator, employed by A-B Tech, will always be on site to help the student get started and answer any questions about the instructional model or the subject area. At the end of the course, the student’s skill level will be assessed again. 

The overall goal is for students to enter A-B Tech or any other college or university without the need for developmental courses. This will not only save students time and money, but, ultimately, will improve their chances of successfully completing a college credential, so that they can seamlessly continue their education or enter the work force. 

If you attend Asheville High or Roberson High, and want more information, speak with your counselor or principal, or call A-B Tech at 828-398-7484.