The Civil Engineering Technology curriculum encompasses the training needed by technicians to carry out planning and supervisory tasks in the construction of transportation systems, industrial and commercial buildings, bridges, dams, and water and wastewater treatment systems.

Coursework includes the communication and computational skills required to support the fields such as materials testing, estimating, project management, hydraulics, environmental technology, and surveying. Additional coursework will cover the operation of computers and application software including computer-aided drafting.

Civil Engineering graduates are typically employed as civil engineering technicians with private contractors, design firms, construction companies, state agencies or local municipalities; project managers or superintendents, inspectors or estimators. Average starting hourly wages have been approximately $15/hr. Graduates may also transfer to universities to complete a bachelor's degree.

Contact the Civil Engineering Technology Department for more information at jsullivan@abtech.edu or (828) 398-7343.

More information about civil engineering technicians can be found at the US Department of Labor's website.

The American Society of Civil Engineers produced this video to show how civil engineering improves lives and communities.

A recent graduate talks about her experience at A-B Tech here.

Contact Information:

Jim Sullivan/Chair

(828) 398-7343
Elm 115

Ken Cooper/Instructor

(828) 398-7213
Elm 109

Jared Ownbey/Instructor

(828) 398-7370
Elm 113