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Tuition Payment Plan

Payment Plan Info

  • Available exclusively online
  • $25 non-refundable origination fee.  No interest charged on payment plan.
  • Pay with checking/savings account or debit/credit card only
  • 1/3 due when written
  • $30 Non sufficient funds charge and $50 late charge by A-B Tech if payments are missed

Fall 2018

Spring 2019

Payment Plans Open

July 16th

November 20st

2nd Payment Date

September 5th

February 5th

3rd Payment Date

October 5th

March 5th


Students may enter into a payment plan to pay tuition and fees provided the student has repaid all prior payment plans on time. The plan allows students to make three equal payments. Payment plans are set up entirely online, we cannot write payment plans in office using cash.  

Payments are set up using a checking/savings account or debit/credit card. Payments will be automatically drafted out of the account you use to set up the payment plan. The first payment is drafted when the payment plan is written. Failure to make timely payments will result in the student being unable to have a payment plan in the future.  There is a $30 non sufficient fund charge and a $50 late fee charge for missed payments.

Payment plans cannot be terminated using "pending" financial aid.  After the aid is transmitted and the account is paid, the plan will be terminated.


Click here to set up a payment plan.