Third Party Sponsor

Students who are sponsored by the following must contact Joyce Dover Evans at 828 398-7156 or e-mail her at

  • National Service Trust/Americorps
  • Florida Prepaid
  • Veterans Affairs = NC VA Scholarship recipients
  • PACT
  • College Savings Plans

 Third Party: Student Information Fall 2014 

  •  If you are third party sponsored, you will not have to pay at the time that you register for classes; however, if you are repeating a class that your sponsor has already paid in a previous semester, you must come to the Business Office to see Joyce.  
  •  I will direct you to the cashier’s office where you will pay for the class.  If you don’t pay before the purge date; you will lose your classes.
  • If you cancel or add classes, you must go to the Business Office to see Joyce Dover Evans
  • You will only be issued two bookstore vouchers for the current semester.  You will pick up your voucher in the bookstore.  You must show picture ID to the bookstore clerks.  The first day that you can pick up your voucher is August 11 and the last day that you can use them is September 19.  This is also the deadline for returning books for credit to your sponsor.
  • If a book is not available by September 19, you will have to see Joyce for another voucher.  If the book is on the shelf and no back orders have been made for the book, you will be denied a third voucher.  It is your responsibility to check with the bookstore every 2 days to see if the book is there.
  • If you are sponsored for supplies, you will have a limit on what you can buy.  General supplies consist of pens, pencils, highlighters, composition books, filler paper, and ring binders.  Supplies do not include clothing, lotions, or food items.
  • Required course materials are books and a calculator if your class requires it.  Some sponsors do not recognize calculators or more than one USB drive.
  • You will be responsible for items that sponsors do not cover.  You will be required to pay the difference by cash, check, or credit card at the time your transaction is made in the bookstore.
  • Please contact Joyce Dover Evans at 828-398-7156 or if you have further questions.  Office is located in the Roberson Building at 93 Victoria Road.



Third Party: Sponsor Information Fall 2014


  • Fall 2014 classes begin on August 18.
  • Please have your authorizations to Joyce by the last week in July.
  • The first day that bookstore vouchers will be released is August 11 and the last day that students can use their vouchers is September 19.
  • The first purge date for non-paying or non-sponsored students is August 9 at noon.