Networking Technology

CNSS Courseware Certification


The courseware used in the Information Systems Security A.A.S degree program has been certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) to meet the CNSS 4011 and 4013 training standards. By being compliant, the degree program provides the required training for network security professionals who assist federal agencies and private sector entities to protect their information and aid in the defense of the nation's vital information resources.

These standards are intended for Information Security professionals and systems administrators responsible in identifying system vulnerabilities, investigating and documenting system security technologies and policies and analyzing and evaluating system security technologies.

This formal certification gives A-B Tech the authority to recognize those candidates who have demonstrated that they have met the CNSS 4011 and 4013 training standard.

Candidates who have met the standard will be issued a letter of recognition acknowledging their completion of the recommended training requirements. This letter of recognition can be used as confirmation of having met the CNSS 4011 and 4013 requirements.

The following courses were used by the NSA's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation Program to assess the degree to which the Information Systems Security courseware maps to the national standards set by CNSS:


  • NET 125 (4011 & 4013)
  • SEC 110 (4011 & 4013)
  • SEC 160 (4011 & 4013)
  • SEC 220 (4013)

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