Academic Related Instruction

ACA 115

Success and Study Skills

Prerequisite(s): None
Corequisites: None

This course provides an orientation to the campus resources and academic skills necessary to achieve educational objectives.  Emphasis is placed on an exploration of facilities and services, study skills, library skills, self-assessment, wellness, goal setting, and critical thinking.  Upon completion, students should be able to manage their learning experiences to successfully meet educational goals.

What is it?

This course is required by most academic programs at A-B Tech. It is a 2-contact hour course with one credit applicable to your program. The purpose of the course is to assist students in making a successful to transition to college so that they may reach their academic goals. The course allows for self-reflection and the opportunity to learn about the choices of successful college students. ACA 115 focuses on three main elements: orientation to A-B Tech and its resources, success and study skills, and educational planning.

Orientation to A-B Tech

AB Tech has a wide variety of resources available to students. Some of the resources ACA 115 students may explore include:

  • Academic Learning Center: Math & English Labs, Computer Labs, and Testing Center
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Campus Café
  • Campus Childcare Center
  • Campus Security and Parking
  • Campus Work-Study Programs
  • Career Development Services
  • Coman Gym
  • Continuing Education Division
  • Counseling
  • Current Academic Programs
  • Financial Aid
  • Foundation Scholarships
  • Holly Library
  • Sources for Academic Advising
  • Special Needs information
  • Student Associations and Activities
  • Student Email
  • WebAdvisor
  • Writing Center

Success and Study Skills

ACA 115 will explore college-level study skills designed to enable students to reach specific academic goals.  The highly-acclaimed text, On Course, offers powerful suggestions for academic success. Each student will create a personal study skills plan for:

  • Reading
  • Taking Notes
  • Organizing Study Materials
  • Rehearsing and Memorizing Study Materials
  • Taking Tests
  • Writing

Educational Planning          

The required ACA 115 Graduation Plan assists students in receiving academic advising, exploring resources for college completion, and scheduling curriculum courses.