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Mission and History

Academic Learning Center Mission Statement

  1. Provide adequate access to up-to-date computing resources.
  2. Provide individualized instruction to promote retention and assist students in meeting demands of college level work.
  3. Provide comfortable, secure, accessible and affordable testing for A-B Tech students and the community.

English & Math Tutoring Labs

The Academic Learning Center serves A-B Tech students who are referred by their instructors for tutoring outside of class in math or English related subjects. Tutoring is accomplished through individual help, small groups, and computer assisted instruction. These labs are staffed by an instructor and assistants or peer tutors.

These labs are for tutoring. If you need a quiet place to complete homework assignments, the library or an empty classroom is available.


History of the Academic Learning Center (ALC)

In the spring of 2002, Sharon Morrissey, Academic Vice President, Tom Dechant, Arts and Sciences Dean, Gigi Derballa, Developmental Studies Department Chair, and Sharon Killian, Math Lab lead instructor, began talking about the need to bring the various student support labs together in a central location with similar operating, tracking, and reporting procedures. During the next two years a proposal was written and Killian developed plans for converting four classrooms in Ferguson building to an area to house the Academic Learning Center (ALC). The proposal was approved by the Board in the fall of 2004. By January 2005, the classrooms had been renovated to accommodate the math and English tutoring labs, the computer writing lab, the Spanish Lab, and the newly created testing lab in an open, inviting environment. The ALC opened on January 10, 2005. The coordinator, Sharon Killian, and approximately 15 part time employees staffed the labs.

During the summer of 2005, the open computer lab in Holly joined the ALC department.

In the fall of 2005, the Learning Resources Division was created. The ALC became part of this new division.

In October 2007, two more open computer labs in Rhododendron joined the ALC.

By the fall semester 2008, the ALC was staffed by Sharon Killian and 20 part time employees.  The Spanish Lab eventually moved out of the ALC.  Each semester, the ALC served 300-400 students in the tutoring labs, 2000 students (11,000 hours) in the open computer labs, and received over 2,000 tests to be administered in the testing lab.

In fall of 2011, Sharon Killian retired and Zaneta Summers became the ALC Coordinator for one year.  Computer lab management was moved under IT and the testing lab and English Lab hours were extended to better serve students.

In fall of 2012, Leah Hampton became coordinator of the ALC.

In summer 2013, the Testing Lab moved out of the ALC into Simpson.  The ALC thus became a location exclusively for tutoring and support in English, math, and the sciences.  The ALC currently serves about 500 students per semester, providing over 5,000 hours of tutoring in a variety of subjects.

In the spring of 2014, Sharon L. Smith became the coordinator of the ALC when Leah Hampton slid into the chair position of the Developmental Studies.