Placement Testing


The purpose of placement testing is to match the academic readiness of the incoming student with the academic requirements of the curriculum. Persons applying for admission into all degree and diploma programs are required to place using one of several options.

Please submit your application to attend A-B Tech to the Admissions Office before you schedule testing. Submit your application online.

Please review your placement options (provided below) to determine if you need to take the North Carolina Diagnostic, Assessment and Placement (NC-DAP), (formerly ACCUPLACER)

Alternate testing formats and other accommodations are available to quilified individuals. Please contact Support Services at (828) 398-7581 or for assistance at least two weeks prior to your scheduled testing date.

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare before taking the placement exams. Several options for test preparation are available.

Test scores are valid for 5 years and re-testing is only permitted in limited circumstances and include:

•  Applicants for competitive allied health curricula may take the test once each year during the competition period.

•  Students who tested at local high schools may test when applying for admission to the College.

•  Students granted approval to retake the test by the Chair of Developmental Studies, Director of Student Advising and Support Services, or Coordinator of the Testing Center.

Online registration for testing is available for the Asheville campus ONLY. To schedule testing at the Madison Site, please call 649-2947.

Who Needs to Complete Placement


Determining whether or not you need to complete placement depends on your academic goals. In general, you must complete placement if you meet ONE of the following two criteria:

  • You plan to enter into an academic program of study at A-B Tech that requires placement (all Associate's and Diploma programs, as well as most Certificate programs, require placement) OR

  • You plan to take Curriculum classes at A-B Tech that have English and/or math prerequisites.

New College Students

If you're a new college student, you must either take the NC-DAP/Accuplacer placement test or an alternate placement test if you plan to enter into an academic program at A-B Tech that requires placement testing or if you plan to take classes at A-B Tech that have English or math prerequisites. Click here to schedule a placement test at A-B Tech. Click here to view the alternate placement test scores we accept.

If you're a new college student, you DO NOT plan to enter into an academic program of study, and you DO NOT plan to take any classes with English and/or math prerequisites, you do not need to complete placement.   

Transfer Students (Students with Previous College Credit)

If you're transferring from another college and have previous college credit in English and/or math from a regionally-accredited institution, you may not need to complete a placement test. You may send your college transcripts to A-B Tech; we will review your transcripts and assess whether your previous college credits meet the English and/or math placement requirements. Official transcripts must be mailed to: Records and Registration, A-B Tech Community College, 340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801.


Placement Options and Waivers

Students have the following placement testing/waiver options:

Option 1 – Transfer Credit (Submit Transcripts)

Submit a transcript from the college at which a prerequisite course was completed with a grade of “C” or higher. Official transcripts are required for placement into an academic program. Transcripts should be sent to: Records and Registration, A-B Tech Community College, 340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, NC 28801. It can often take up to two weeks for A-B Tech to receive and process a transcript mailed from another school.

Option 2 – Take the NC-DAP Placement Test

Complete the NC-DAP placement test, which is available at A-B Tech several times each week. The assessment is computer-based and must be completed in person. Click here to schedule an NC-DAP test at A-B Tech. Students may also take the NC-DAP at another college. For more information about taking the NC-DAP at another college, please contact Distance Advising at

Option 3 – Submit Scores From an Alternate Placement Test

Complete and submit official scores from an alternate placement test. Click here to view what alternate tests and the minimum scores we accept.

If you need accommodations for testing, please contact Support Services at (828) 398-7581 or Contact should be made at least 2 weeks proior to testing.

Alternate Placement Assessments

Scores from an alternate assessment must meet the minimum college score requirements listed below and be less than five (5) years old. Alternate assessments include the ASSET, COMPASS, SAT, and ACT. Students with scores below the minimum requirements listed below must satisfy the placement requirement using one of the other options listed on our A-B Tech Placement Options page.   



Minimum Score Required

(may use a combination of assessments or testing dates)



Reading = 41

Writing = 41

Numerical Skills = 41

Elementary Algebra = 41

Intermediate Algebra = 41


Reading = 81

Writing = 70

Pre-algebra = 47

Algebra = 46 or 66 (depending on math course)



Reading = 500+


Writing = 500+


Math = 500+




Reading = 22


English = 18


Math = 22


Placement Test Review Information

The North Carolina Diagnostic and Placement (NC-DAP) test is made up of two major sections: Mathematics and English & Reading. Click the links below to find resources that will help you prepare for the NC-DAP test.


Web-Based Study App - *NOW FREE!*

Test Overview with Sample Questions


English & Reading

Guide and Sample Essays for English & Reading

Guide for Interpreting English & Reading Composite Score



Sample Math Questions through CollegeBoard

Sample Math Questions through AIMS Community College

Free Online Algebra Review Course through Udacity