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What students are saying about Career Development Services

“…the experience I have had at the career center here has been superior to anything offered by (two former universities) to me as a student…”

 “More people need to go through this class. It shouldn't be mandatory but highly recommended for new students or any student. This class can save money and time by narrowing down the fields students want to go in as a major.”

 “I will be recommending this to anyone who needs some extra help in deciding what they want to do with their future.”

 “Taking these classes opened up my eyes to all the career choices I can choose from.”

 “I highly recommend this service for anyone with any doubts or questions about what they want to study, or to even get help finding a job.”

 “(Counselor) explained the best way to format a resume, giving specific details on the layout, as well as demonstrating how to convey the information in a concise manner. The advice and knowledge I received during my two sessions with (counselor) was indispensable. Keep up the amazing work!”

 “I feel like I have left here with the skills to start my future.”

"This is a resource that all students should use."

 “All around this was a great experience!”

                                                                                                         Excerpts taken from confidential surveys.