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Program Participants

Current Participants 2014-15

woman smiling spinning yarn on a spindle


Ashley Eskew: Twist Fiber Studio

Past Participants 

2013 - 2014 Student Business Incubator Participants

2013 - 2014 Student Business Incubator Program:
(left to right) Jodi Penn, Daniel Creft, Jennifer Heath, Kadie Sanders, Rachelle Sorensen-Cox

  • Smart Insurance
    Owner: Jodi Penn
  • International Herb Co.
    Owner: Daniel Creft
  • MediCoolIDs
    Owner: Jennifer Heath
  • A Call To Create
    Owner: Kadie Sanders
  • Work It Out
    Owner: Rachelle Sorensen-Cox


SBI Incubator

  • Payback Energy Management

    Owner: Ashley Edwards

  • Happy Camper Food Solutions
    Owner: Genie Gunn
  • Cat Trax
    Owner: Rain Chamberlan
  • Snake, Rabbit, and Snail
    Owner: Julie Wade
  • HowFluid
    Owner: Reuben Howerter
  • The Can King
    Owner: James Covington
  • The Art of Dining Catering
    Owner: Frank Primm
(left to right)Genie Gunn, Reuben Howerter, James Covington, Rain Chamberlan, Ashley Edwards, Julie Wade. Not Pictured: Frank Primm


2011-12 Student Busines Incubator tenants

(left to right) Alisa Burnette, Karen Donatelli, Jessica Thistlegrove, Whit Rylee, Lauren Ball and Jason Roth.


2010-11 Student Busines Incubator tenants

  • Innovative Avenue 
    Owners: Mary and Terry Dill

  • Victor’s Lawn Care
    Owner: Victor Ochoa

  • American Revolution Design
    Owner: Chad Bergin
  • Logo Safe, LLC
    Logo, trademark, and intellectual property fraud mitigation software company.
    Owners: Lydia and Gerald D. Scott, Jr.
  • Raimondo Consulting Group, LLC
    Premium In-Home Tutoring
    Owner: Angela Rosebrough

2009 -10

2009-10 Student Business Incubator tenants

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