Continuing Education Summer and Fall 2015 Course Offerings
Welding Classes

Welding Classes


Registration for Summer and Fall Begins April 18th!

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EMT-Basic Classes


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ITV Classes

Continuing Education Schedule

Summer 2016 Continuing Education Classes (non-college credit)

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Courses offered in May:  Computer Basics II; Effective Teacher Training; Landscaping for the Homeowner; Nurse Aide I (evening); Welding (Basic); Yoga; Zipline Guide Training
Courses offered in June:  Beginning Digital Photography; Cake Decorating; Computer Basics II; Making Soaps Naturally; Notary Public Education; Protect Your Retirement Plan; Yoga; Computer Basics II
Courses offered in July:  Adobe Photoshop Elements 13; BCLS for Healthcare Providers; Computer Basics I; Nurse Aide I (Day)
Courses offered in August:  Notary Public Education; Online Writing for Business


Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 - Wednesday, 7/13 - 8/31, 6 - 9 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $70; Tech $5)

Learn how to use the digital imaging software, Photoshop Elements 13, which is a less complex, different software than Photoshop CS and use more often for small businesses.  Bring out the best in your images.  Learn how to organize, color correct and retouch images, create photomontages and prepare images for print, e-mail or posting on the web.  Make flyers, a logo or a web gallery for your business.  The class is suitable for Macintosh and Windows users, and Mac users are encouraged to bring laptops if preferred.


BCLS for Healthcare Provides (CPR) - Saturday, 7/30, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $70; CPR Card $3; Tech $5)

With the knowledge and skills you learn in this course you can save a life.  You will learn the skills of CPR for victims of all ages.  You will learn how to relieve choking (foreign-body airway obstruction). The skills you learn in this course will enable you to recognize emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest and how to respond to them.


Beginning Digital Photography - Wednesday, 6/1 - 7/6, 6 - 8 p.m. (Fees:  Course $59)

Are you making the best pictures possible with your SLR camera?  You will learn how to use your digital camera and the meaning of terms and concepts.  Our instructor will give you direct, interactive feedback on your photographs and how to get the best images with your camera.  Bring your camera to the first class.


Cake Decorating - Thursday, 6/9 - 7/14, 6 - 8:30 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $59)

Whether you're a home hobbyist or an aspiring baker, cake artist Jill Peek (who earned her degree in Bakery & Pastry Arts from A-B Tech!) will inspire you to design cakes that look as good as they taste.  With nothing fancier than a pastry bag and a set of piping tips, you will learn to create elegant details that wll accent their cakes to polished masterpieces.  One night will be dedicated to learning all about tiered cake constructions; perfect for wedding cakes.  You will discover how to pipe refined designs for any special occasion cake that calls for elegance or whimsy.  Supplies needed for class will cost approximately $40-$50.

Effective Teacher Training - Mon & Wed, 5/23 - 6/27, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $125; Tech $5)

This is a preparation class for substitute teachers for all Buncombe and Madison County Schools, and is also an excellent crash course in learning methodologies and classroom management for current or returning teachers.  This course will use the curriculum approved by Asheville City and Buncombe County Schools.  Textbook:  Substitute Teacher Handbook.  Pre-requisite:  high school diploma or GED.  Attendance at all class meetings is required.


 Landscaping for the Homeowner - Thursday, 5/19 - 6/9, 6 - 8:30 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $59)

Do it yourself and save money!  Beautiful landscapes can increase the value of your property and add to the enjoyment of your home.  This five-week class includes the basics in designing your home landscape.  Plant types, growing habits, and planting basics will be covered as well as basic principles and some dos and don'ts. 


Making Soaps Naturally - Wednesday, 6/22 - 7/6, 6 - 8 p.m.    (Fees:  Course $49)  

Discover through hands-on experience how to make creamy, moisturizing soap using the cold-process method.  Learn to safely work with lye and experiment with different oils, fragrances, herbs, and natural colorants.  This beginner's class will reveal how the properties of various oils and additives produce different soap types.  A supply list will be provided at the first class.  Cost of supplies $35-$40.


Notary Public Education - Friday, 6/10, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $70; Tech $5)     Friday, 8/12, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $70; Tech $5)

This course covers the qualifications, procedures, and certification for becoming a notary.  Pursuant to the NC Notary Act, to apply for commissioning as a notary you must: be 18 years of age or older, and a legal resident of the U.S.; be able to speak, read, and write English; have a high school diploma or equivalent; and reside or have a regular place of work or business in N.C.  Upon completion of this course with a passing exam grade of 80%, a person is eligible to make application with the NC Secretary of State office.  Students are encouraged to read through the textbook, Notary Public Guidebook for North Carolina, 10th Edition.  Books are available for purchase at the A-B Tech Madison Site.  Note:  Students must present a current photo ID to be admitted to class.


Nurse Aide I -  Day and Evening Programs Available  (Fees:  Course $180; Supply/Lab $25; Ins $1.40; Tech $5)

This course provides basic training in the entry-level caregiver skills needed to work as a Nursing Assistant in various healthcare settings such as nursing homes, hospitals, or private homes.  Registration must be done in person.  Registration Requirements: Documentation of current TB (tuberculosis) test results; state issued picture ID such as driver's license or ID card; high school or GED diploma (must bring original at time of registration; copy will be made and original returned to student) or satisfactory completion of TABE reading test (done on-site at time of registration); students 16-17 years of age must submit a minor form (available at A-B Tech Madison) or have earned their high school diploma or GED.  Space is limited, so register early!  Please note students will be required to complete a background check and drug screening prior to start of clinicals.   More information on when/where to get these done and their cost will be shared with students during the course. 

Day Program:    Tues - Thurs, July 12 - August 31, 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.         

Evening Program:  Next evening class start fall 2016. Dates TBD


Online Writing for Business - Friday, 8/5, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $79)

Online writing requires a different set of skills.  Business writers must think in terms of screen instead of page and take keywords into account by producing content consistently (for a blog), clearly (for Facebook posts), and persuasively (for a website).  In this class, you will learn how to develop a content strategy to help plan your writing.  Learn how to write clear, engaging articles and web copy from a professional content provider.  As a result, you will increase your web presence, website traffic and conversation rate.


Protect Your Retirement Plan Assets - Friday, 6/3 - 6/24, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $59)

If you are nearing retirement, are already retired, have inherited a retirement account, or are just concerned about protecting your retirement assets, this class is a must.  We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leaving your retirement plan money in your 401(k) plan and how to avoid the most common beneficiary mistakes people make that result in thousands of dollars in needless taxes.  Given all of today's uncertainty, this is a class you cannot afford to miss! David McMahan, instructor.


Welding, Basic - Monday, 5/16 - 8/1, 6 - 10 p.m.    Tuesday, 5/17 - 7/19, 6 - 10 p.m. (Fees:  Course $180, Supply/Lab $35, Ins $1.40, Tech $5)

The basic welding class covers mig, tig, stick and arc welding and is an excellent course for beginners or those simply wishing to brush up on their current welding skills.  Students will be required to purchase personal protective equipment for this course (do not purchase before the first class session).  Attendance at the first class is required.



 Whitewater Rafting Guide - Saturday-Sunday, 4/30 - 5/22, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $250; Ins $1.40; Tech $5)  

This class will focus on the fundamentals and skills needed to become a whitewater rafting guide.  Learn to read whitewater, use river signals, maneuver and rift rafts, tie knots, work with guests and other basic river operations.  Students must be 18 years to register and must register in person at either A-B Tech Madison or on the Asheville campus.  Valid proof of identification will be required at registration.  Training will be held at the Marshall Outpost; for directions, please call 828-649-0486.


 Yoga - Wednesday, 5/4 - 6/8, 6:30 - 8 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $59)      Wednesday, 6/15 - 7/20, 6:30 - 8 p.m.  (Fees:  Course $59)

Students will be introduced safely and accessibly to the basic postures, breathing techniques, and relaxation methods of yoga.  You will begin to experience the benefits of stretching, moving, and breathing freely as you relieve built up stress, learn to relax and ultimately get more out of day to day life.  This is a great class to find out what yoga is all about.  Wear comfortable clothes and bring a mat to the first class.



Zipline Guide Training - Wednesday, 5/11 - 5/18, 4 - 8 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday, 5/14 - 5/22, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. (Fees:  Course $125; Ins $1.40; Tech $5)

Zipline Guide Training is a growing tourism component in the tourism industry.  In this class you will learn skills to work as a zipline guide.  There will be instructional time in the classroom and on-site at French Broad Rafting and Ziplines.  Students must be 18 years of age to register.  No online registration available; students must register at A-B Tech Madison or the Asheville campus.  Upon completion students will be prepared to sit for the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) Level I Practitioner certification exam.


  • COMPUTER BASICS I - (two offerings)  Tues & Thurs, 4/26 - 6/16; 7/22 - 9/15, both sessions 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Did you know that most employers only accept online applications?  Want to feel more confident in your job search?  This entry-level course provides a stress-free introduction to the technology and computer skills that you need in today's job market.  You will learn how to do job searches on the internet, how to complete online job applications and set up an email account.  While learning basic word-processing and improving your keyboarding skills, you will also learn how to create cover letters and resumes.  Come learn the skill levels needed to be successful in your job search.  Fee Waived
  • COMPUTER BASICS II - (two offerings) 6/21- 7/14, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.; or, Mon, 5/23 - 7/25, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m.  Building on your basic computer skills, you will continue to increase your computer knowledge through the creation of more career related documents and forms.  You will become more competent at emailing and improve your skills in navigating the internet and using search engines to search for jobs and occupational information.  come and learn more about targeting your resume for specific jobs and how to keep your resume in the to-be-interviewed stack.  Fee Waived


Adult Basic Skills and High School Equivalency (HSE) PREPARATION

Many students in this program are preparing to take an exam, such as the GED®, to earn a high school equivalency credential.  Others do not need the high school credential, but are improving their skills  to be more competitive in the workforce or to qualify for credit-bearing college classes.  We offer free instructional services to students seeking to improve their foundational skills in reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science.  

Classes run year-round and last for about eight weeks each. Regular attendance is required.

Students must attend an orientation sessions prior to beginning classes.  During orientation, students will complete pre-testing to determine which area they need assistance and which classes to attend to meet their needs.  To schedule a time for orientation, please call 398-7136 or 398-7891; when you call, let them know you wish to complete orientation and take classes at A-B Tech Madison.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Minors (ages 16 and 17) are required to pick-up a Minor Permission Form and return the completed form one week prior to attending orientation.  The form is available at A-B Tech Madison.


SMALL BUSINESS CENTER, Madison Seminars and Events  - Free Seminars

  • SBA:  Programs and Services for your Small Business - Wednesday, 6/8, 10 - 11 a.m.  Click here to register (must be completed online).  Discover the programs and services offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration for start-up and existing small businesses.  Find out which SBA-sponsored and SBA-funded resources are available for counseling and training small business owners in all areas of small business management (including business planning).  Find out what it takes to obtain a small business loan and to access SBA financing sources in particular.  Discover the SBA's government contracting, minority and other certification programs which can enable your small business to obtain federal government contract work.
  • SBA:  Doing Business with the Government - Wednesday, 6/15. 10 - 11:30 a.m.  Click here to register (must be completed online).  Thinking of selling your products or services to the government, but don't know where to start?  Already doing business with a government entity, but want to brush up on your knowledge and skills?  Attend this seminar to learn more about the process of government contracting.  This seminar will de-mystify government procurement so you can make an informed decision on whether to enter (and how to get the most out of) this important market.