Images including students in Ecuador, musicians in the British Ilses, incense in Vietnam, Cuenca, Spain, and Valladolid Independencia

Global Education at A-B Tech: Current Activities

2017 Global Ed Activities

International Education Week: Begins November 13 and ends on November 17, 2017 


Monday, Nov. 13:

Event 1: "North Korea and Weapons of Mass Destruction" Speaker Dr. Alexa Royden from Queens University will speak on this hot topic in the Ferguson Auditorium from 10-10:50 AM.

Event 2: "Culture and Schizophrenia" By Sam Johnson.  Scheduled in ELM 126 from 12-12:50 PM

Event 3: "Study Abroad Info Session" Come join Kelly McEnany in the ELM/SYM Breezeway from 1-2 PM. 

Tuesday, Nov. 14:

Event 1: "Polynesian Music" by the A-B Tech Chorus, Rita Hayes and Joanna Best in Sycamore 109 at 10 am.

Event 2: "Teaching Abroad in India and Kyrgyzstan" by David Dry and Emily Grigg from 11-11:50 AM in Locke 121/122.

Wednesday, Nov. 15:

Event 1: "Kirtan" with Michael Johnson and the A-B Tech Meditation Group in Sycamore 105 at 1:00 PM.

Thursday, Nov. 16:

Event 1: "Understanding Tea Culture: History and Tasting" with Miles Cramer from Dobra Tea in Sycamore 108 from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

Friday, Nov. 17:

Event 1: "International Potluck" We close out the week with our fourth annual potluck!  Come join the Global Education Committee for some tasty food from around the world.  Students, faculty and staff are all invited (bring an international food; could be a family heritage dish)!  While you're there, you can see the photos that the participants took for the Photo Contest on the big screen and listen to world music!  Magnolia Main Dining Room, 11:30 -1:00 PM.  


Global Travel Photo Contest Reception: Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the Locke Lobby

Come join us for light refreshments where the Photo Contest winners will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons/prizes.  Vote for your favorite photo from the show! 

Submission deadline is 9/15/17.  Photos will be on display from October until the end of the fall semester.

Click on the following link to see the winners! Photo Contest Winners

Reflecting On Kyrgyzstan: Wednesday, September 27, 2017 at 10 AM in Locke 121/122

Returning Fulbright Scholar, David Dry, brings his international experiences living in Kyrgyzstan back to campus.  He will discuss navigating cultural differences, learning from others and educational differences.  Faculty/staff can sign up in LearnerWeb for PD credit.  Open to all.

Following are photos from this event:

David Dry, instructor showing map of Kyrgyzstan with students in audienceDavid Dry, instrutor showing a photograph to students that depicts a father and daughter slaughtering a sheep


Sacred Milestones of a Spiritual Life: Saturday, September 9, 2017 at 4:00 PM in the Ferguson Auditorium

"Shot by more than 40 filmmaking teams around the world, the film immerses the viewer in the daily use of faith and spiritual practice. At a time when religious hatreds dominate the world’s headlines, this film explores faith as primary human experience, and how people turn to ritual and prayer to navigate the milestones and crises of private life. The film’s director commissioned or sourced footage from top independent filmmakers from more than 25 countries -- and a wide range of religious traditions -- each team contributing a single scene. The film, sweeping in its global reach, yet intensely intimate, is a tour de force that unifies these scenes into a single work, told without narration, without experts and, for long stretches, without words at all." (Taken from the films website:

Perspectives on An African Safari: Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 1:00 PM in the Ferguson Auditorium

Our very own Paulette Evans will present about her rich experiences traveling in South Africa.  She will show engaging photographs and weave in stories of her observations of South African culture, history and the natural world.  Her visits include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Robben Island and a safari at Kruger National Park.  Faculty/Staff can sign up in LearnerWeb for PD credit.  Open to all.