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Basic Law Enforcement Training Overview

Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) is designed to give students essential skills required for entry-level employment as law enforcement officers with state, county, or municipal governments, or with private enterprise. This program utilizes State-commission-mandated topics and methods of instruction. General subjects include, but are not limited to, criminal, juvenile, civil, traffic, and alcoholic beverage laws; investigative, patrol, custody, and court procedures; emergency responses; and ethics and community relations. Successful graduates receive a curriculum certificate and are qualified to take certification examinations mandated by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission and/or the North Carolina Sheriffs Education and Training Standards Commission.

Contact Information for these classes:

  • Robin Lyles (828) 782-2319 or
  • Daryl Fisher (828) 782-7350 or
  •  Basic Law Enforcement Training Day class will begin July 31, 2017 8am Room 240 at the Buncombe County Training Center.
  • Orientation for Basic Law Enforcement Training for Day class beginning July 31, 2017 will be June 27, 2017 Location Buncombe County Training Center Classroom building Room 240 6:00 pm

Specific Entrance Requirements

  1. General college admission requirements.
  2. Individual must meet the Minimum Standard for Employment Criteria outlined in North Carolina Code Book-General Statute 17-A and Title-12 Chapter 9 North Carolina Administrative Code.
  3. Individuals must be sponsored by a North Carolina public law enforcement agency. The letter of sponsorship must:
    • be signed by the agency head; i.e., Chief or Sheriff of a City, County, or State agency.
    • include a statement of sponsorship that certifies that the applicant meets the standards for certification as stated in number two above.
    • state that a background investigation was conducted.
  4. Individuals must submit their sponsorship letter and college application to the School Director at least 15 days prior to the courses' scheduled start date. Applicants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to full-time employees of law enforcement agencies.
  5. Individuals must provide the School Director with a certified criminal record check for local and state records for the time period since the trainee became 16 years of age and from all locations where the trainee has resided since becoming an adult. An Administrative Office of the Courts criminal record check or a comparable out-of-state criminal record check will satisfy this requirement.
  6. If accepted into the program, the student must submit completed North Carolina State Forms F-1 and F-2.
  7. Prior to admission each student must achieve a reading score of at least the tenth grade level. This testing can be done AFTER submitting an application for enrollment. A student’s placement test will be scheduled by the School Director after all paperwork has been turned in.

Downloadable Forms:

BLET Enrollment Packet


Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate Program