Join the volunteer program at A-B Tech - Change a life, Gain Experience, Be appreciated, Make friends, and Encourage success

Volunteering at A-B Tech

A-B Tech is a great place to utilize your skills and talents to help students reach their academic goals. We maintain a corps of dedicated volunteers who complement and supplement the mission, vision, and goals of the College. They serve in a variety of capacities across all our campuses.  

There are opportunities toDecorative Picture of Volunteer Tutoring an A-B Tech Student

  • Mentor students to help them stay on track
  • Tutor students in basic skills (GED, ESL)
  • Tutor students in the humanities and science based curriculum
  • Volunteer in our Veterans' Café
  • Provide administrative support to various departments
  • Special Events
  • And much more


Getting Started

Please complete our Volunteer Application Form and attend one of our Volunteer Orientation Session where you will learn more about opportunities to serve and volunteer life at A-B Tech. We thank you and welcome you to a community that strives for success, which starts with our campus activities and extends beyond its borders.

For More Information:

Patti Cameron, Campus Volunteer Coordinator
A-B Tech Community College
Simpson, Office 119
340 Victoria Road
Asheville, NC 28801
(828) 398-7761


Forms and Brochures

Volunteer Opportunities

Mentoring Program (Under Construction)