Find Your Volunteer Niche at A-B Tech

It’s good for the Mind…

the Soul…

and the Body…

A-B Tech is recruiting Volunteers who have the desire to be involved with the educational pursuits of students and assist staff and faculty to assure these educational goals reach fruition. Volunteers are involved in various endeavors throughout the college and opportunities are available on the main campus and on our Enka site.


  • Change a Life
  • Save a Life
  • Feel Great
  • Be Appreciated
  • Make New Friends
  • Get Reacquainted with Old Friends
  • Be Part of the Campus Community



Come join Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College’s Campus Volunteers and Interns Program

Our Volunteer Program provides quality volunteer support and offers an array of opportunities for volunteers to use their talents and skills, or to learn new ones.

Volunteers at A-B Tech have an impact on the community. They understand and appreciate that our Vision, Mission and Values are the focus of our staff and faculty in serving our students.

We’re looking for volunteers with diverse educational and social backgrounds. Find your ideal volunteer mission in the following areas:


  • outreach and phone calls

  • mentoring and tutoring

  • special events help

  • speaking at career days

  • scheduling appointments for student advising

  • clerical support

  • literacy, GED, ESL and compensatory education

  • computer applications

  • technical support and so much more


Your skills and talents will truly be appreciated. Your orientation with the Volunteer Coordinator will be friendly, informative and thorough. Your placement on campus will tap into your needs and will provide support to the department where you will offer your valuable time.

Once you are a Volunteer at A-B Tech, you are part of a community that strives for success that starts with our campus activities and extends beyond its borders. You will make dreams come true no matter what volunteer endeavor you choose.

You may select to withhold personal information on your electronic application until you meet with the volunteer coordinator.




Please Contact:


Sue H Olesiuk, Executive Director


Simpson, Office 119

340 Victoria Road

Asheville, NC 28801

(828) 398-7176