Networking Technology at A-B Tech is a national leader in delivery of network infrastructure, operating systems, and information security education. Students learn from well qualified faculty with over 80 years of combined experience in the field who possess several academic and industry credentials. Our classroom labs are equipped with the latest network infrastructure and operating systems technologies for students to master the skills necessary to become successful in their careers.

Each year we are making more courses available through distance education. The same lab environment that traditional students have will be accessible by remote students. Currently most of our network infrastructure courses are available online. We will soon be able to offer all of our operating systems courses through an advanced virtual infrastructure.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to do the following upon graduation.

  1. Students will administer systems in a Linux environment.
  2. Students will administer systems in a Windows environment.
  3. Students will administer Network intermediary devices.
  4. Students will administer a networking project using industry-standard project management techniques.
  5. The student will build a functional computer.
  6. Students will administer networked systems in virtual environments.

Degrees and Certificates

In addition to obtaining an AAS degree students have the opportunity to prepare for several industry certifications. Our department is the Cisco Networking Academy, CompTIA Authorized Academy, Microsoft IT Academy, and VMware IT Academy. The instructors teaching these courses are all certified in the technology being delivered through a rigorous qualification process. Most of the courses included in the Networking Technology and Information Systems Security degree program will help students prepare for a variety of certification exams.


Through agreements with East Carolina University and North Carolina A&T University our graduates have the opportunity to continue their education and earn a Bachelor’s degree. Our programs are structured so that students can maximize the credit awarded them at either of these two National Centers of Academic Excellence.

Our Graduates

Our graduates are a testament to the commitment and rigor demanded by our curriculum. Employers look to A-B Tech to provide well qualified individuals that compliment and enhance their existing information technology workforce. Examples include Buncombe County and Asheville City Governments, Jacob Holm Industries, TSAChoice, New Breed Logistics, Data Risk Solutions, Windstream Communications, VetStreet, Global Linking Solutions, Intecon, Multi-View, U.S. Department of Defense, and Google to name a few. Other graduates have succeeded in becoming self-employed by launching their own start-up companies.

Cisco Networking Academy
Microsoft IT Academy
CompTIA Authorized Academy
VMWare IT Academy