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Online Courses

Are you registering for a Business Computer Technologies Online course?

Online courses require you to apply technology to access course materials and complete assignments. This can require additional expenses for you. You are responsible for obtaining, troubleshooting, and paying for hardware, software, services, and technical support as needed to be successful in your online course(s).

If you are taking a course which uses MS Office 2013, do not confuse this program with your operating system. Your operating system will probably be one of the following: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. MS Office 2013 is a separate product and usually does not come with a computer system. Also, do not confuse MS Office with MS Works or Word Perfect. MS Works and Word Perfect cannot be used as a substitute for MS Office 2013.  MS Office 2013 requires Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems. 

If you do not have necessary software and wish to purchase it, you can check with the campus bookstore. You can use the campus computer labs during available hours to do your coursework (you will still need to have access to email at home). Balsam labs hours are tentative and subject to change.


Materials needed for online course completion are indicated below.

  • Reliable access to student e-mail and the Internet. This means paying a monthly fee to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will be required to send and receive e-mail. You may also need to send and receive email attachments. You should check your student e-mail and the course web site every 48 hours.
  • Access to additional software for course-related tasks such as a word processing program to submit course-related documents.
  • Access to software specific to courses – see course listings for software specifications.
  • Reliable storage medium (USB Drive, hard drive, online "cloud-based" storage, etc.) to save your work.

Taking an online course is also quite different than a traditional classroom course, so be prepared! In general, you should

  • be capable of working independently.
  • be very responsible for organizing your time and keeping up with the course work.
  • use e-mail, voice mail, and office hours to communicate with the instructor (the instructor will indicate his or her preference).
  • be willing to travel to campus to take exams (if required by instructor) or meet with the instructor.
  • be aware that taking programming courses online can be frustrating and time-consuming because of the time needed to figure out coding errors and concepts without direct instructor support.

Technical Issues

Resolving technical problems that a student may experience while installing or using their software/hardware is the responsibility of the student. If students encounter problems, they may need to use campus labs, public libraries or other means to complete course work. A-B Tech and its staff are not responsible for resolving technical problems experienced by students, including the installation of software needed for course work. Students who wish to use technology at home, but do not have the expertise, may need to pay for technical support.

Important: How to begin your online course

On the first day of the semester, students registered for online courses must go to and follow the instructions to login. Once students have gained access to Moodle, they are to follow the link to their course(s). Announcements and other information will be provided by the instructor. Students are to contact instructors according to the method indicated on the course website.

Instructor email addresses are located on the employee directory at Instructors may use a different address than given at the employee directory; students should use the email address specified at the course website.

Information for your specific course(s).

CIS 110 – Introduction to Computers

Students will need the MS Office Professional 2013 suite (Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel).  A 180 day trial copy comes with a copy of the book.

CIS 115 – Introduction to Program Logic and Design

All software for this course is freeware. Students will need to successfully download and install a standalone Web server (provided with textbook) and any text editor (textbook provides details). Students will develop small working Web applications using the Web server.

CIS 286 – Systems Analysis and Design

Students will use Microsoft Visio. This software can be purchased for a minimal charge (for installation on a student’s personal computer) once registration and course attendance have been verified.

CSC 151 – Java Programming

All software for this course is freeware. Students will need to successfully download and install and configure the Java Standard Development Kit (SDK), which is provided with textbook (current version can also be freely obtained online). Students will also need a text editor or integrated development environment (also free - instructor will provide details).

CTS 130 – Spreadsheet

Students will need MS Excel 2013. This is a standalone program that is also part of the MS Office Professional 2013 suite.

DBA 110 – Database Concepts

Students will use MS Access 2013. This is a standalone program that is also part of the MS Office Professional 2013 suite.

DME 110 – Introduction to Digital Media

Students will need access to the internet for research, and software such as MS Word, Open Office, Google Docs or equivalent in order to create documents. Contact the instructor for more information.

WEB 115 – Web Markup and Scripting

Students will need to successfully download and install XML editing and validation software and tools as specified by the instructor. Other downloads may also be required. It is expected that software used in this course will be available at no cost.

WEB 182 – PHP Programming

Students will need to have access to XAMPP (open-source software) in order to test php scripts. Contact the instructor for more information.

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