Photo of A-B Tech Computer Technologies Instructors


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Photo of Brenda McFarland, ChairpersonBrenda McFarland, Chairperson
Balsam 103, (828) 398-7669

Photo of Marlene Roden, Associate ChairpersonMarlene Roden, Associate Chairperson
Balsam 105, (828) 398-7811


Digital Media Technology

Photo of Ben Goliwas, InstructorBen Goliwas, Instructor
Balsam 205, (828) 398-7666

Photo of Constance Humphries, InstructorConstance Humphries, Instructor
Balsam 205, (828) 398-7666

Photo of Jonathan Ross, InstructorJonathan Ross, Instructor
Balsam 116, (828) 398-7305


IT: GIS Fundamentals Certificate

Photo of Pete Kennedy, InstructorPete Kennedy, Instructor
Birch 112, (828) 398-7289


IT: Information Systems

Photo of Veronica Dooly, InstructorVeronica Dooly, Instructor
Balsam 102, (828) 398-7663

Photo of Jean Finley, InstructorJean Finley, Instructor
Balsam 113, (828) 398-7252

Photo of Jacqueline Larsen, InstructorJacqueline Larsen, Instructor
Balsam 106, (828) 398-7847

Photo of Pam Silvers, InstructorPam Silvers, Instructor
Balsam 103, (828) 398-7249


Mobile Development Diploma

(program discontinued)


IT: Network Management

Photo of Alec Fehl, InstructorNathan Pfeiffer, Instructor
Balsam 203, (828) 398-7875

IT: Systems Security

Photo of Alec Fehl, InstructorDrake Thomas, Instructor
Balsam 206, (828) 398-7922

IT: Software and Web Development

Photo of Alec Fehl, InstructorAlec Fehl, Instructor 
Birch 114, (828) 398-7881

Photo of Charlie Wallin, InstructorCharlie Wallin, Instructor
Balsam 112, (828) 398-7662