computer information technology overview

Computer Technologies Overview

The hands-on training you will receive at A-B Tech Community College will provide you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this very exciting and fast-growing field. Find out how to enroll below.

Degree Programs:

A degree is intended for students who want to learn in-depth skills. Degrees are typically 5-6 semesters in length.


Certificates are a great way to learn new skills and increase your employability without going through an entire degree program. Certificates are typically 2-3 semesters in length.

Steps for Enrolling in Computer Technologies

  1. Complete an application for admission into the College.
  2. Successfully complete the College Placement Test.
  3. Turn in any transcripts from previous colleges to the Records and Registration Office.
  4. Declare a Program or Certificate as your focus. You will be contacted by email regarding an advisor.
  5. Meet with your program advisor to receive an "education plan" (in webadvisor) or register.
  6. Register classes in webadvisor (courses in your "ed plan") or with your adivisor.
  7. Pay your tuition through webadvisor or in person.
  8. Purchase required textbooks.
  9. Obtain a parking sticker and place it correctly on your vehicle. Park in white lined spaces.
  10. Be present on the first day of class at the indicated time. Parking may be difficult, so plan to arrive at least 20-30 minutes prior to your class time.
  11. Have class supplies such as paper, pens, and pencils for taking notes.
  12. Work hard, have fun learning... and graduate!

Trying to take classes from home or need software?

Having the right software for the job might help. Much of the software we use is also offered at significant discounts to students. Talk to your instructor or the bookstore for more details. Online courses may have special software used as well.

For more information:

Contact the faculty in your program of interest.


View a Full List of Programs Offered