Laboratory Use & Equipment Rental

We offer affordable rates for lab space and equipment rental to our clients.  The fees listed below are intended to help guide you in your business planning.  The fees are evaluated periodically and are subject to change. 

Updated November 2016

1.    Cleaning Deposit - $100
After each rental session, clients are expected to clean all spaces, materials, equipment or other resources used during their work. If not, cleanup will be billed at the rate of $100/hour. Clients are expected to maintain a $100 balance with any surplus refunded upon completion of the rental agreement.

2.    Security Deposit - $250
This will be applied to any costs incurred due to misuse of the laboratory. The client will pay all damages caused by misuse beyond $250 at the time of said repair or replacement. Clients are expected to maintain a $250 balance with surplus being refunded upon completion of the rental agreement.

3.    Biohazard Cleaning Fee - $60
This fee is billed in addition to the cleaning deposit, and is only charged to clients using the microbiology lab. It covers thorough disinfection of the microbiology lab and is billed for each week during which use occurs. Clients are still expected to perform basic cleanup of the work space after each use.  

4.    Laboratory Rental and Basic Supply Fees   

  • $20 per hour Incubator Tenant
  • $25 per hour Partnering Client
  • $30 per hour Outside Business

This fee covers laboratory rental, basic supplies, and Tier 1 equipment use. Clients may also be subject to additional fees based upon the use of specific equipment as listed below. Clients are responsible for supplying all required consumables (chemicals, pipettes, media plates, etc.) and any resources that will leave the laboratory. All BioNetwork labware is to remain in the laboratory.

5.    Storage of Materials
Small spaces may be rented for short-term storage of limited amounts of materials.  Pricing is dependent upon materials to be stored, duration and specific storage condition.

6.    Laboratory Access 
The laboratory is available Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:30 pm most weeks. Access to the laboratory may be denied or restricted at any time based upon misuse of the facility or other concerns.

Clients are not allowed in the laboratory under the following conditions:

  • Laboratory or College is closed.
  • College is on an inclement weather schedule.
  • Laboratory staff is unavailable for any reason.
  • Laboratory scheduling software shows no appointments available.

All scheduling is handled using online appointment scheduling software.  All laboratory time must be scheduled 72 hours in advance.  There will be no charge for cancellations with 24 hours or more notification or when inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances prevent access to the laboratory.

Cancelations with less than 24 hours notification may be charged for the originally scheduled time.

7.    Equipment Use
Standard equipment use fees are tiered in proportion to the laboratory rental and basic supplies fee.  Use of equipment in Tier 1 is included in the applicable hourly fee (§4).  Use of equipment in Tier 2 is billed in addition to the laboratory rental and basic supplies fee at the rate of 50% of the basic rental and supply fee per hour of equipment use.  Please call for pricing and availability of other specialized equipment.

Tier 1 – Included in basic rental fee

Analytical balances (range 0-5g, 0-120g, 0-250g)

Millipore ultrapure water system

Auto-titration system

pH Meter


Precision balance (0-12 kg)

Centrifuge & Microcentrifuge


Class II biosafety cabinet


Compound microscopes (some with LCD displays)


Cyclone mill

UV/VIS spectrophotometer

Heated stir plates

Vortex mixers, single and multi-tube

Heating mantles and heated plates

Water baths

Incubated shaker table

Wet ice machine

Laboratory dishwasher Wrist-action shaker

Tier 2 – 50% of basic fee per hour of use


Steam distillation apparatus

Nitrogen evaporator (Rapid-Vap or NE-Vap)

Vacuum oven

Rotary evaporator


The laboratory also has access to additional equipment for specific testing or for use in special projects.  Please let us know the specifics of your testing need or special project and we’ll see how we can help.

B100 Biodiesel Laboratory Testing Equipment – Please Call for Details

Thermo Trace 1300 GC-FID (free & total glycerin)

Pensky Martens closed cup flash point tester

Spectro iQII XRF spectrometer (sulfur)


Omnion OSI-6 oxidation stability instrument

Chilled circulating water bath (2)

Craft Beverage Specific Testing Equipment – Please Call for Details

Anton Paar beer analyzing system

Orflo Moxi-Flow yeast cell analyzer

Shimadzu GC- FID for ethanol

3M ATP luminometer


Laboratory-scale distillation apparatus

Other Specialized Equipment – Please Call for Details

Stomacher sample mixer (micro lab)

Shimadzu Prominence HPLC

Soleris automated optical system (micro lab)

Shimadzu GC-FID

Agilent GC-MS with headspace sampler