medical assistant taking a patient's blood pressure

Admissions Packet

Medical Assistant preparing to draw blood from patient

Occupational Description

Medical assisting is a multi-skilled allied health profession; practitioners work primarily in ambulatory settings such as medical offices and clinics. Medical assistants function as members of the health care delivery team and perform administrative and clinical procedures.

Admissions are limited/capped

Seats in the program are limited to 25 for the A.A.S. Degree. Enclosed are the materials and information to apply for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Selection Requirements and Procedures

  1. Complete the admission requirements and application procedures as stated in the Admission Process section above.
  2. Selection of applicants for admission is limited/capped; 25 students will be accepted. 
  3. The Program Chairperson will notify candidates of their acceptance
  4. Additional qualified applicants will be placed on the alternate list based on the date of their completed application on the P.I. form from the SSA / advisor in the Bailey Building.  The Program Chairperson will notify applicants of their position on the alternate list.  Alternates are accepted as spaces/resources become available.  Alternates are invited to attend the orientation session held prior to fall classes.  If an accepted student does not attend the orientation program, an alternate will be placed in his/her seat. Alternates who are accepted must complete medical, immunization, and dental reports as instructed. No alternates will be accepted after fall semester has begun.  The alternate list does not carry over to the next year; therefore, alternates who are not accepted must reapply to the Medical Assisting Program for the following year.  Students waiting to be accepted may take the following Medical Assisting courses (MED 118, 121, 122).
  5. Students accepted into the Medical Assisting Program will be required to meet the safety standard for health care workers exposed to bloodborne pathogens.  Meeting this standard includes attending the program training session offered in MED 138 or MED 140 and completing the HBV immunizations or signing the mandatory declination form.   Failure to be properly immunized could result in exclusion from the externship component of the curriculum and non-completion of the program.
  6. Medical Assisting students must have the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective  abilities needed to perform all activities as outlined in the 2015 Standards and Guidelines for Medical Assisting Educational Programs.  These abilities include, but are not limited to:  
    1. the visual acuity to identify cyanosis and absence of respiratory movement in a patient in an emergency situation
    2. the hearing ability to understand the spoken word while using medical equipment
    3. the speaking ability to be able to question the patient about his/her condition and to be able to relay information verbally to others
    4. the physical ability to perform procedures related to patient care
    5. the ability to interact with patients and others appropriately
  7. As of January 1, 2002, applicants for the American Association of Medical Assisting Certification must have a criminal background check.  The clinical site may require a criminal background check and/or drug testing prior to participation in the clinical component.  If any clinical facility refuses to allow the students to participate in clinical experiences in that agency, the student may not be able to progress in the program.
  8. Criminal background checks or drug screens will be performed at the student’s expense.
  9. The College refund policy applies if a student drops the program after being denied clinical site privileges.

Readmission Following Voluntary or Involuntary Withdrawal

  1. If you receive an unsuccessful grade in the Medical Assisting Program which is defined as a “D”, “F”, or “U”, you may not proceed to any subsequent course in the program.  Most allied health courses are offered only once annually.
  2. The new class of students is admitted to the program annually.  It will be necessary for the student to reapply for readmission for the following fall.
  3. Readmission of students who have progressed beyond the first semester, but who have been unsuccessful in a subsequent semester is dependent upon space availability in the class, demonstration of proficiency in a variety of clinical procedures.  You will be required to meet with the department chairperson for specific readmission guidelines.

Transfer of Credits or Admission to Advanced Standing

  1. General admission requirements of the College and the Medical Assisting Program shall apply to the applicant.
  2. Transfer credit will be given for courses with the grade of “C” or better from member institutions of the North Carolina Community College System, other regionally accredited institutions of higher education, and schools with CAAHEP accreditation.  When any Medical Assisting course is in question, the Program Chairperson and the Dean of Allied Health and Public Service will be consulted before transfer credit is officially awarded.
  3. Students who can provide tangible evidence of preparation to challenge a course, such as a transcript of similar College level credits, record of military study, certification or license, standardized test scores, or written statements from employers regarding training or directly related work experience indicating that they may be proficient in a subject, may request credit by examination.  Please see the College catalog for more information. 
  4. Credit through College Level Examination for Placement (CLEP) scores will be assigned on an individual basis by the Director of Admissions. 
  5. A student transferring from another college must complete at least 50 percent of the total credit hours required in the Medical Assisting Program at A-B Tech in order to be eligible for graduation.
  6. When a student transfers from another curriculum at A-B Tech into the Medical Assisting Program, all admission requirements, academic/course requirements, and grading policies of the Medical Assisting Program must be met in order to be eligible for graduation. 


This sheet is designed to assist you with applying to the Medical Assisting Program. Check off the items for admission into the Medical Assisting Program as you complete them.


  • Complete application for admission to AB Tech.
  • Apply for the Medical Assisting Program.
  • Submit official transcripts from ALL college(s) previously attended.
  • Take the Accuplacer Test or have credit for college English and Math.