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In Case Of Emergency

Emergency Notification Procedures

A-B Tech has a comprehensive strategy for notifying the College’s campuses and the public about emergency response and preparedness procedures or actual emergencies.

Emergency preparedness drills are conducted twice a year to prepare our Asheville, Enka, South and Madison locations for potential emergencies such as fires or lockdowns due to hostile threats. The campus and public are notified of the drills in advance to pre-empt confusion and chaos.

The College informs its employees and students of drills and actual emergencies through a number of methods, including email, voicemail, website alerts, social media and a mass alert public address system. We also strongly encourage all staff and students to sign up for Emergency Text Alerts that are used in case of actual emergencies, drills and severe weather.

The public is informed of drills and actual emergencies through the news media and direct outreach to nearby businesses and organizations, including Mission Hospital and Asheville High School.

When reporting emergencies, students and staff are encouraged to call Campus Police at 398-7125 or 911 from their cell phones or emergency phones on our campus.