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A-B Tech Construction Science LogoWhether seeking hands-on skills in residential carpentry, Commercial Project Management, Renewable Energy Production, or energy analysis; you can put these techniques into practice with our student projects in construction & renewable energy production. From energy efficient framing, Photovoltaic installations, natural & alternative building methods to building codes and blueprint reading are programs that offer a wide range of skill sets.

At the end of our program, earn respected credentials, or transfer many credits to several options of four-year colleges and universities across the country.


Building Construction Science

Students in our Building Construction Science program learn advanced framing techniques and other materials and methods associated with green building and sustainability. The local A-B Tech program focuses on various live projects and community collaborations using state of the art materials and techniques. Students also get a background in building performance analysis that prepares them for certification programs in energy auditing and other related jobs.

Students taking the Building Construction Science Diploma can go directly into industry or transfer all credits into the Associates degree in Construction Management. Yet another option is to transfer to many four-year colleges that offer Building Science Programs.


Carpentry Diploma Salary Range (per year): $25,000 - $45,000; varying on size of business and other factors.

CMT Degree Graduate Salary Range (per year): $30,000 - $50,000

Building Science Diploma Graduates (per year): $25,000 - $45,000

View the Building Construction Science curriculum


Construction Management

This curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for careers in the construction management field.  Such positions may include: Project Manager, Superintendent, Estimator, or Foreman.

Course work includes safety, planning, scheduling, cost control, productivity, human relations,estimating, and building codes. Students will also gain proficiency in specific construction-related skills.

Graduates should qualify for entry-level positions in the field of construction management.

Graduates may also be able to transfer and complete a four year degree in the field. CMT students at A-B Tech are eligible for entry level management positions in traditional commercial and residential construction projects as well as nontraditional construction projects such as large wind turbine and photovoltaic solar projects.

View the Construction Management curriculum


Sustainability Technologies

The Sustainability Technologies curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for employment in environmental construction, alternative energy, manufacturing, or related industries, where key emphasis is placed on energy production and waste reduction along with sustainable technologies.

Course work may include alternative energy, environmental engineering technology, sustainable manufacturing, and green building technology. Additional topics may include sustainability, energy management, waste reduction, renewable energy, site assessment, and environmental responsibility. Graduates should qualify for positions within the alternative energy, construction, environmental, and/or manufacturing industries.

Employment opportunities exist in both the government and private industry sectors where graduates may function as manufacturing technicians, sustainability consultants, environmental technicians, or green building supervisors.

View the Sustainability Technologies curriculum


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