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Computer Engineering / PCN Technology

Computer Engineering prepares students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills for installing, servicing, and maintaining computers, peripherals, networks, and microprocessor and computer controlled equipment. Course work includes mathematics, physics, electronics, digital circuits, and programming, with emphasis on the operation, use, and interfacing of memory and devices to the CPU. Additional topics may include communications, networks, operating systems, programming languages, Internet configuration and design, and industrial applications.

Graduates should qualify for employment opportunities in electronics technology, computer service, computer networks, server maintenance, programming, and other areas of knowledge in electronics and computer systems. Graduates may also qualify for certification in electronics, computers, or networks.


Career Opportunities in Computer Engineering

two students working with computer diagnostic machine

A.A.S. Degree
Computer Programs
2014 Median Salary in North Carolina: $38.08/hr
(Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2015)

Computer Network Support Specialist
2014 Median Salary in North Carolina: $27.87/hr
(Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2015)

Personal Computer and Network Maintenance

This training program provides the student the theory and hands-on experience to become a PC specialist capable of performing maintenance and upgrades on all types of personal computer systems. The program combines the theory of computer and network operation with the practical skills necessary for efficient diagnosis and repair work in the field. The program provides the foundation for further study of networks and new computer-based products.

This program is offered in the evening only.

Career Opportunities in Personal Computer and Network Maintenance

Jobs may include computer service, computer systems maintenance, network maintenance or technical support.

Personal Computer and Network Maintenance Certificate
Computer User Support Specialist
2014 Median Salary in North Carolina: $22.44/hr
(Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2015)

How to Apply

Are You Interested in a Computer Engineering Career?

Computer engineers develop new computer hardware, design and implement software applications, and enhance the capabilities of networks and communication systems.

The following is a list of several qualities that are helpful in computer engineering:

  • Creativity - a large part of working with computers is solving technical problems and although engineering is not considered a traditionally creative profession like writing, acting or art, being able to apply creative thinking to complex problems will help significantly.
  • Curiosity - the natural curiosity of needing to know how and why things work will help you tolerate some of the less exciting aspects of engineering and computers. It may also help you find new and better solutions to difficult problems.
  • Attention to detail - often in computer work it is the smallest detail, such as leaving out a word or symbol, that makes the difference between solving a problem or not. Being detail-oriented will help you avoid making mistakes and may also help you locate them later on.
  • People skills - Most computer engineers work as part of a team. Good communication skills will help you understand the needs of your company, clients, and team members.
  • Logical thinking - computer technicians have to rely on logic to plan out programs and build hardware circuits. Logically arranging things makes them easier to understand; a disorganized mess is much less likely to work than a clearly defined and orderly process.
  • Problem solving skills - much of computer engineering work is resolving problems: technical, electrical, logistical, and others. Problem solving skills are highly respected and sought after in the computer technology field.

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