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Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) Technology

Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) is primarily used for detailed engineering of 3D models and/or 2D drawings of physical components, but it is also used throughout the engineering process from conceptual design and layout, through strength and analysis of concepts to the definition of manufacturing or building methods or components. This curriculum prepares students to apply technical skills and advanced computer software and hardware to develop plans and related documentation and manage the hardware and software of a CAD system. Courses include instruction in architectural drafting, computer-assisted drafting, and design (CADD), creating and managing two and three-dimensional models, and linking CAD documents to other software applications and operating systems. Graduates should qualify for CAD jobs in architectural and engineering firms and industrial design businesses.


Career Opportunities in Computer-Aided Drafting

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A.A.S. Degree
2014 Median Salary in North Carolina: $24/hr
CAD Operator, Architectural Drafter
(Source: U.S. Department of Labor website, June 2015)

2014 Median Salary in North Carolina: $21/hr
CAD Technician
(Source: U.S. Department of Labor, 2015)

    How To Apply

    • Choose your credential:
      • Architectural Drafting Certificate
      • Computer-Aided Drafting Technology A.A.S., or
      • Computer-Aided Drafting Technology Certificate
    • Apply to A-B Tech online by visiting Admissions Overview.
    • Apply for the Computer-Aided Drafting Program in person at the Bailey Building, Asheville Main Campus.

    Prepare for Success in Computer-Aided Drafting

    CAD Basics

    A student's success in high school and their willingness to learn in college will directly affect their chances for success in the computer-aided drafting field. Other essential skills needed to get a job using CAD include good math skills, working well with others, a learning mindset, industry-specific knowledge, and self-discipline.

    Project-Based Learning

    In the Engineering & Applied Technologies Division, we believe learning in a real-time environment gives students an opportunity to experience real-time work scenarios that promote excellence in education. The majority of course work in the CAD program is project-based where learning occurs through hands-on exercises, tasks, and problem-solving.

    The CAD program at A-B Tech emphasizes sustainable design practices that will provide more for people while taking less from the environment.

    Equipment and Facilities

    CAD classrooms and labs are located in the ELM Building on the Asheville Main Campus. The rooms are equipped with professional software and hardware that meet or exceed industry standards and provide a quality environment for instruction and project-based learning.

    For More Information Contact:

    John A. Erickson
    Department Chairperson, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology
    Phone: 828-398-7375




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